My adventures in ColossalCon North 2022: Concerts!

KAZHA is a fantastic band that shouldn’t be missed! Pic credit: KAZHA

I went to three concerts during ColossalCon North 2022. And I loved every second of them! Instead of discussing each individually, I’ll cover what I experienced about all three in this article.

You’ll have head-bobs, fist-pumping, lots of yelling, and some people dancing until you get to the Super Thrash Bros Concert! Then you must be careful about how close you are to the stage because people with mad dancing skills will dominate it!

Super Thrash Bros
Experience your childhood through the power of rock! Pic credit: Super Thrash Bros

V is for Villians

Have you heard that villains never die? Because according to the Colossalcon website, the lead singer/songwriter, Mr. Agitator, is proof of this!

He’s undergone three spinal surgeries, knee surgery, and lung removal! But he didn’t let that stop him from touring with V is for Villains and giving us an incredible show.

He did mention his age a few times, but he did help give an encore. Morrigan Drake plays the keytar, and Lady Delirium is a backup vocalist and plays the keyboard.


Not only was this KAZHA’s first time performing in Wisconsin, but it was their first time driving through the snow! Luckily they made it safely, and their concert started with a bang.

KAZHA’s concert was in the African West room, with chairs installed on the floor. So, naturally, everyone sat down to wait for the show to begin.

Until the EMC came out and encouraged us to move closer to the stage! It was a rock concert, and he wouldn’t let the band come out until most of us obeyed.

KAZHA was originally from Japan, but they’re currently located in Memphis, Tennessee, and are official Memphis Music Ambassadors! Kazuha Oda is the singer/bassist, and Hideki Matsushige is the guitarist.

Super Thrash Bros

If the name didn’t give it away, this band focuses on reawakening our inner child while entertaining our adult selves. But, unfortunately, they won’t be baby’s first rock concert.

Not only is this band the craziest of the three, but the concert was at midnight on Friday. Which means it’s considered an 18+ event.

There’s nothing visually that should offend anyone, but there was some swearing involved. Ryan Moris played the guitar and cosplayed as Mega Man.

Ant Palmisano also played the guitar and cosplayed as Shiek. Nick Palmisano played the bass and cosplayed as Skull Kid.

Eric Germain was the drummer and cosplayed as Ness. While our two Front Men, Bryan Carrol and Ed Connolly, cosplayed as Master Hand and Crazy Hand, respectively.

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