My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 review: ‘The Ones Within Us’

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 screenshot, featuring the hero Nana Shimura protecting Deku from All For One. Pic credit:

It’s been a rough week for My Hero Academia fans as they wondered about the fate of Katsuki Bakugou. At the end of My Hero Academia Season Episode 9, the explosion hero sacrificed himself for Deku, throwing his body in front of one of Shigaraki’s attacks.

Whether or not Bakugou will die is still up in the air, but now that Shigaraki has full use of his quirk again, the battle has only gotten tougher. While My Hero Academia season 6 episode 10 doesn’t have as much fighting and action as other episodes this season, it still proves to be a worthwhile watch filled with plenty of new information.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 synopsis and review

 In true Bakugou fashion, despite being stabbed, he still manages to berate Deku for trying to handle things by himself. Shigaraki then drops him, but Shoto and Endeavor catch him on the way down. 

As Deku faces a rather burnt-up Shigaraki, he begins hearing voices that tell him too much blood has been shed and that he shouldn’t be acting in anger. Deku launches several attacks that seem to surprise Shigaraki but also bring him close enough to Shigaraki to be touched. 

The fear is evident on Deku’s face, but instead of Shigaraki’s decay kicking in,  they’re both transported inside an alternate reality within their respective quirks. All for One appears with Shigaraki, reminding him that he saved his life moments earlier. As Deku struggles to move his body in this world, Shimura appears to him, informing him that “the rest of us will take care of it,” presumably talking about the other previous One for All users.

Meanwhile, Gignatomachi is still continuing on his path of rampage as he barrels towards Shagaraki’s location. Police are tasked with evacuating civilians while all heroes, including the students, attempt to stop the giant. 

As they all stand across from each other, All for One finds amusement in tearing down Shimura. He explains that the reason they’re all here is because of a phenomenon called transference, similar to when organ recipients take on the traits of their donors. He even sometimes sees the dreams of people whose quirks he’s stolen over the years. “Like how it’s said organs and cells have memories. Quirk factors also seem to have consciousness living inside them,” All for One says. He also has the ability to perceive those consciousnesses and meddle with them, which is how he steals quirks but also how One for All passes quirks on. 

With extreme resentment towards his grandmother, Shimura, Shigaraki attempts to decay the reality around him, only to be stopped with the original One for All appears. He refuses to have One for All transferred into Shigaraki, saying they have chosen to be inside of Deku instead. 

As Shimura and One for All fight to resist All for One’s powers, he laughs at them, saying they should’ve never chosen someone as weak as Deku as their successor. However, All for One disagrees. Suddenly the spirits of the previous One for All users come together, giving Deku the strength he needs to finally propel himself forward. Upon colliding with Shigaraki, a blast occurs that seems to launch them both back into the real world. After realizing they failed to steal Deku’s quirk, All for One advises Shigaraki to retreat and get stronger for later. Both he and Deku fall from the air. 

At 100 km/h Gigantomachia rushes towards Jaku City towards the hospital where his master woke up. On the giant’s back, Skeptic informs the other villains that Shigaraki is currently battling Endeavor, which pleases Dabi. 

Numerous heroes head toward Gigantomachia in an attempt to stop him. Amongst them are Ochacco and Tsuyuu, two students Mr. Compress knows Toga is quite fond of. Still upset over Twice’s death at the hands of the heroes, she leaves to take them on personally. 

As Ochacco and Tsuyuu save and evacuate more civilians, an older woman runs up to them, begging for help to save her bedridden husband. Ochacco follows behind her, only for the woman to melt into Toga as they find themselves isolated from the others. 

Toga manages to lead Ochacco into an abandoned house, where she ambushes the hero, asking if she’ll be killed like Twice was. Ochacco reminds her that she is just as bad for killing an innocent old woman to steal her blood. The episode ends with Ochacco promising to catch Toga right then if she plans on getting in her way. 

It would be hard to top last week’s “Katsuki Bakugou: Rising”, but this episode does a good job of progressing the story along. 

There isn’t nearly as much action, which was a little disappointing after so many dramatic fight sequences. However, there is a lot of necessary information to be absorbed, so it’s not as if the episode is just filler. Despite the slower pace, the tone never changes, so the sense of urgency still feels the same. The situation is still dire and only seems to be getting worse in some areas, which is good. It lets viewers know there are still some interesting moments left in this already crazy arc. 

It was nice to see some other characters get some attention, like Ochacco and Toga. Even though the main fight is definitely Deku and Shigaraki, with so much going on, some characters have gotten lost in the shuffle or just haven’t been that important. With a fight this big, though, it would be hard to believe that there aren’t several smaller but important battles going on at the same time. 

Overall, this episode was a much-needed break to regroup after seeing Bakugou get hurt so brutally. We still don’t know his fate quite yet, but maybe we’ll learn something new in episode 11. Judging from the previews, it looks like Dabi will be playing a major role. 

What is the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 release date?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 is the next episode in the series. The episode will be titled “Dabi’s Dance”. It will available on Crunchyroll starting Saturday, December 10th, 2022, at 4:30 a.m. EST.

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