My Hero Academia Season 6 release date confirmed for Fall 2022: Season 6 trailer PV 3 confirms 2 cours

My Hero Academia 6
My Hero Academia Season 6 will turn the story dark as heroes wage an all-out war against the League of Villains. Pic credit: Studio BONES

The My Hero Academia Season 6 release date is confirmed for October 1, 2022, the Fall 2022 anime season.

New episodes will be released every Saturday evening at 5:30 PM JST in Japan. Crunchyroll will be streaming the new episodes as they come out.

The exact premiere date was announced by a new key visual on July 24, 2022.

This long commercial for the sixth season was released on September 24, 2022.

On September 24, 2022, it was officially confirmed that MHA Season 6 will be broadcast as two consecutive cours (or parts). That means the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 25 release date will be in March 2023.

According to anime news leaker Sugoi LITE, My Hero Academia Season 6 will have a total of 25 episodes. Part 1 will reportedly have 13 episodes while Part 2 will have 12 episodes.

The My Hero Academia Season 6 OP (opening) theme song music “Hitamuki” was performed by SUPER BEAVER.
The My Hero Academia Season 6 ED (ending) “SKETCH” was performed by Kiro Akiyama.
Boku no Hero Academia Season 6
This key visual for My Hero Academia Season 6 was released on July 24, 2022. Pic credit: Studio BONES

The Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 anime will continue the story of Deku and his friends at UA High in the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

Ahead of Anime Expo 2022, My Hero Academia Season 6 trailer PV 2 was released:

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On September 3, 2022, My Hero Academia Season 6 trailer PV 3 was released:

It’s been announced by Crunchyroll that My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1 will be screened early at HERO FES 2022, which takes place on July 24, 2022. The special event features 15 voice actors who will hold a live dubbing session and read a newly written story exclusive to the event.

The return schedule for the anime TV series was confirmed by the latest Weekly Shonen Jump shortly before Jump Festa 2022.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 6
This key visual for My Hero Academia Season 6 anime shows the pro heroes waiting on standby. Pic credit: Studio BONES

“Thank you for watching the final episode of My Hero Academia 5th season! It’s a goodbye for a while, with the expectation that something tremendous will begin,” tweeted MHA Producer Yoshihiro Oyabu. “We’ll be back with a new and improved version of the show, so please look forward to it. Thank you very much for all your hard work, staff!”

The My Hero Academia Season 6 trailer was released on December 19, 2021.

The initial production announcement was made on the official website on September 25, 2021. The last scene of My Hero Academia Episode 113 showed the students at UA preparing for an unprecedented big battle.

Immediately after that, the letters “TO BE CONTINUED IN THE 6th SEASON” appeared. The new My Hero Academia Season 6 trailer included two newly recorded character voices.

On November 21, 2021, a new key visual was released that highlights the coming conflict between Deku and the villains.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 6
“Heroes and Villains… A full-scale war is approaching.” Pic credit: Studio BONES

Animation studio Bones will produce My Hero Academia Season 6. Bones has multiple sub-studios labeled A through E. Studio C is led by producer Yoshihiro Oyabu, and it works exclusively on the Boku no Hero Academia anime series.

In 2021, the company also produced the original work SK8 The Infinity anime, an adaptation of the Vanitas no Carte manga, and the Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 3 movie. They also collaborated with Studio Orange of BEASTARS anime fame to make Netflix’s Godzilla: Singularity Point anime.

A My Hero Academia Season 6 character visual was released on August 8, 2022.

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For the fifth season, the OP “No. 1” was performed by DISH, while the ED (ending) song “Footprints (Ashiato)” was performed by The Peggies.

For the second half of the fifth season, the OP “Merry-Go-Round” was performed by MAN WITH A MISSION, while the ED “Not a Lie (Uso ja nai)” was performed by Soushi Sakiyama.

The My Hero Academia Season 5 Part 2 trailer features the “Merry-Go-Round” OST music.

In the past, the anime TV series has been streaming on FUNimation Now, Crunchyroll, Hulu, VRV, and Netflix (just not Netflix U.S.).

The fifth season premiered on March 27, 2021. It will have two cours.

A “cour” is a three-month TV broadcasting unit based on the physical seasons, and anime usually have between 10 to 13 episodes per cour.

The fifth season went on a brief broadcasting break in July 2021, which affected My Hero Academia Episode 103. The My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 release date was on July 10, 2021.

TV coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics also affected My Hero Academia Episode 107. Due to the delay, the My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 19 release date was on August 14, 2021.

The fifth season’s finale, My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 25, was released in Japan on September 25, 2021.

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  • Updated August 24, 2022: Added My Hero Academia Season 6 OP and ED info.
  • Updated August 8, 2022: Added character visual.
  • Updated July 24, 2022: Exact My Hero Academia Season 6 release date confirmed. Added key visual.
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  • Updated December 16, 2021: My Hero Academi Season 6 release date time frame confirmed!
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This article provides everything that is known about My Hero Academia Season 6 (Boku no Hero Academia Season 6) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

FUNimation’s My Hero Academia Season 6 English dub release date

Crunchyroll and FUNimation’s My Hero Academia Season 6 English dub release date was on October 15, 2022. Typically, FUNimation produces the dubbing as a SimulDub that’s released soon after the English subtitles version.

As an example, the dub for the fifth season started streaming on April 10, 2021, two weeks after the season premiered in Japan.

Here is the known My Hero Academia dub cast:

  • Christopher R. Sabat – All Might/Toshinori Yagi
  • Clifford Chapin – Katsuki Bakugō
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard – Momo Yaoyorozu
  • David Matranga – Shōto Todoroki
  • J. Michael Tatum – Tenya Iida
  • Justin Briner – Izuku “Deku” Midoriya
  • Justin Cook – Eijirō Kirishima
  • Luci Christian – Ochaco Uraraka
  • Monica Rial – Tsuyu Asui
  • Anairis Quinones – Mirko
  • Charlie Campbell – Gran Torino
  • Christopher Wehkamp – Shota Aizawa
  • John Swasey – Shigaraki/All-For-One
  • Zeno Robinson – Hawks
  • Patrick Seitz – Endeavor

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Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 release date: Why the long wait?

Early on, Weekly Shonen Jump showed that the Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 release date was set for Fall 2022.

On September 25, 2021, the official website stated, “Details such as the broadcast time will be announced at a later date.”

A sixth season was inevitable given the ongoing anime’s popularity. The only major wrinkle is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the normal production it seemed like the sixth season could be planned for Spring 2022, either March or April 2022. Being pushed back to Summer 2022 was expected, but Fall 2022 came as a surprise.

Japan has suffered from multiple waves of the deadly virus. Even during Spring 2021, the Tokyo Metro government maintained a health state of emergency and closed/limited certain businesses.

The anime industry was forced to change its working conditions, and many projects were delayed. Health experts already predict that COVID-19 variants like Omicron will play a role during Winter 2022, so it’s possible that yet another wave in Japan could cause even more delays to anime projects.

However, it’s probably safe to assume Studio BONES will be able to work around health-safety-related restrictions. Most of the anime studios suffering from difficulties heavily rely on outsourcing work to Chinese and Korean studios.

My Hero Academia manga ending within several years? Boku no Hero Academia Final Act saga began in 2021

The story for the anime series is based on the My Hero Academia manga series by writer and illustrator Kohei Horikoshi.

When the fifth anime season began airing in Spring 2021, the manga was already up to My Hero Academia Volume 30 in Japan. By the time MHA S5 finished, the manga was up to Volume 32.

New chapters are released weekly. Historically, the tankobon format volumes are released five times a year in February, April, July, September, and December, but this release schedule was disrupted during the 2020 pandemic.

The official English translation by VIZ Media is not too far behind the Japanese release. Volume 29 came out on September 7, 2021.

It’s also possible to read the three newest manga chapters in English for free on VIZ Media’s official website.

There is also the spinoff manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes by writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and artist Betten Court. Already up to Volume 12 in Japanese (and Volume 10 in English), many fans hope the manga will receive a My Hero Academia: Vigilantes anime adaptation in the future.

For more details about MHA: Vigilantes, please see our article on this topic.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes key art
The My Hero Academia: Vigilantes anime is possible now that the Boku no Hero Academia manga spinoff has reached an important milestone. Pic credit: Court Betten

Horikoshi discussed the My Hero Academia manga’s ending several times in recent years. In 2017 and 2018, he revealed that he mapped out ideas for the big finale to the entire series, but the Heroes Rising movie ended up using at least one of the major elements.

In the summer of 2018, Horikoshi revealed that he’d considered ending the story with Volume 30, but then he realized that “ending the series at Volume 30 will be impossible.” In mid-2018, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda suggested that Horikoshi shoot for ending in 50 volumes.

Notably, Volume 30 released in Spring 2021, and the ending is nowhere in sight. However, during Jump Festa 2021, the Boku no Hero Academia manga creator started talking about the “conclusion” of the entire series.

“I think perhaps the manga will be heading towards its conclusion soon, but I’ll make sure you can enjoy it until then!” Horikoshi reportedly stated at the end of a panel.

In Japanese narratives, there is a four-act structure known as Kishōtenketsu.

  • Ki : Introduction
  • Shō : Development
  • Ten : Twist (complication)
  • Ketsu : Conclusion (reconciliation)

During the Twist phase, the story turns toward an unexpected development, and it contains the yama, or climax, of the story. Although the My Hero Academia climax has not been announced yet, it will need to be contained in the third saga since the creator is already talking about the conclusion act.

The third saga began in Spring 2021 with My Hero Academia Chapter 306, which was titled “The Final Act Begins”.

The first act, or saga, lasted two years and included 9 story arcs. The second act finished after several years and also included 9 story arcs. Therefore, it’s possible The Final Act could be fairly long indeed and not finish for several years.

My Hero Academia Episode 108
For many MHA fans, the My Villain Academia arc is when the fifth season started in earnest. Pic credit: Studio BONES

My Hero Academia manga compared to the anime

Overall, My Hero Academia anime has followed the manga’s story closely. The anime adaptation has added original content and even some filler recap episodes, but it’s been faithful to the heart of the story.

The pacing has been solid, telling the story at a comfortable pace without making it feel dragged out. The first season averaged 1.5 chapters per episode, whereas more recent seasons have been faster-paced, typically adapting two to three chapters per episode.

One of the more action-packed episodes from Season 4, Episode 88: His Start, even adapted content from six chapters! But most of the action-focused episodes adapt three chapters.

For most of the fifth season, the anime was averaging two to three chapters per episode, with the beginning of episodes heavily recapping events. By MHA Episode 100: The New Power and All For One, the anime’s mid-season finale had adapted the first 10 pages of Chapter 219.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 13 (or My Hero Academia Episode 101) is where the anime adaptation began to really shake things up! The anime completely reordered the story arcs by jumping all the way to Chapter 241.

Thus, the anime adapted the 12 chapters of the Endeavor Agency story arc with 6 episodes. Oddly enough, My Academia Episode 107 then dipped into the start of the Paranormal Liberation War arc by adapting Chapters 253, 254, and 255.

From there, My Academia Episode 108 shifted back to the 23 chapters of the Meta Liberation Army arc. This is the so-called My Villain Academia arc, which is heavily focused on developing the villain characters.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 5 anime key visual
The My Hero Academia anime key visual that was released on August 7, 2021. Pic credit: Studio BONES

So, why reorder the anime’s presentation of events so drastically? The 2021 My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie is set during the Endeavor Agency arc in the official timeline (see below for more details). It just so happens the film is coming out in the same time frame as the fifth season.

Plus, ending with the My Villain Academia arc allows the fifth season to end on a heavier note.

While the decision makes sense in some ways, in other ways it does not. The Endeavor Agency story arc would have made the perfect bookend to the major themes of the season, opening with Endeavor’s family problems and then closing with a sense of resolution to that character arc.

My Hero Academia Endeavor Agency Arc
The official website released an updated key visual for the fifth season to celebrate the Endeavor Agency story arc. Pic credit: Studio BONES

The problem is how the 23 chapters of the My Villain Academia arc were adapted with only six episodes in total! Keep in mind that Episode 100 adapted only parts of Chapters 218 and 219.

Notably, previous episodes have spent a lot of screentime recapping previous story events. If some of the episodes also skip the OP/ED then it should be possible to finish My Villain Academia with reasonable pacing.

Even then, the popular My Villain Academia arc was adapting four to six chapters per episode. Manga fans weren’t happy since they had been looking forward to seeing this story arc animated and yet the majority of the fifth season was focused on the less popular Joint Training arc.

All in all, the fifth season’s finale, My Hero Academia Episode 113: The High, Deep Blue Sky, found an ending corresponding to manga Volume 26: Chapter 257, although the ending dipped its toes into two pages of Chapter 258.

It’s the best stopping point since it provides a dramatic cliffhanger ending where all the Heroes from the streets have disappeared. MHA Season 6 will then adapt in full Chapter 258, which focuses on a flashback explaining what just happened.

The next story arc, the Paranormal Liberation War arc, is the longest story arc in the manga at this point. Weighing in at 49 chapters (54 minus the five chapters already adapted), My Hero Academia Season 6 will need two cours to adapt it all in one go.

That could mean My Hero Academia Season 7 will begin adapting the third Final Act saga.

Manga readers who wish to read ahead of the anime can jump straight to Volume 26. Thankfully, the English translation of the book is already out.

MHA Season 6 turns the story dark

Without getting into spoilers, what’s going to be most notable about My Hero Academia Season 6 is the change in tone between seasons. The anime had some dark moments in the Overhaul/Shie Hassaikai arc, but in general, the story has been fairly light-hearted. Characters rarely die or have reason to give in to despair.

All of that will change beginning in the sixth season. The tonal shift will be quite noticeable by the end. Even Deku’s appearance will change to reflect the new mood in the third saga, with his formerly goofy costume now turned menacing in the more recent manga chapters.

The English dub voice actor for Deku, Justin Briner, reads ahead in the manga series. In a Spring 2021 interview, Briner was asked by Monsters and Critics about his reaction to current events in the manga.

While Briner didn’t want to spoil anything for anime-only fans, he did say that emotionally he feels “a great many things. Very greatly about all of it.” When asked if his voice acting might change to reflect the new dark atmosphere Deku finds himself in, Briner replied, “Totally. I think that whatever he is going through will definitely manifest itself in how the performance ends up in any of the audio.”

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission
The My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes’ Mission trailer shows off Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki in their new uniforms. Pic credit: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission timeline set before Boku no Hero Academia Season 6

Anime fans might be wondering where the movies take place in the timeline in relation to the manga/anime. The first film, Two Heroes, took place in a small time gap after Episode 37 when Midoriya and Bakugo took on All Might together.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was set shortly after the winter events of the Meta Liberation Army arc. It was fairly odd for the second movie to be set so far ahead of the anime TV series since the movie revealed multiple techniques and special moves that Class 1-A develops during the Joint Training story arc in the middle of Season 6.

What’s more, Villain Shigaraki’s appearance was also changed in the film, which doesn’t take place in the manga until the Paranormal Liberation Front mission in Chapters 239 and 240 (the end of the Meta Liberation Army arc).

Fortunately, the My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes’ Mission timeline won’t make that mistake. The official website states that the original story of the third movie is set during the winter hero internship in the Endeavor Agency story arc.

Specifically, the movie is set right after Episode 104: Long Time No See, Selkie. The anime original story acted as a prologue to the film and the after-credits scene even teased the villains from the movie.

My Hero Academia 26
The My Hero Academia Season 6 anime TV series will up the story again in manga Volume 26. Pic credit: Kōhei Horikoshi

My Hero Academia Season 6 anime TV spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

Warning: The bottom of the spoilers section contains a colored image from Chapter 286 that contains huge spoilers concerning the evolution of Deku’s powers.

Superspy Hawks and the Safety Commission have managed to get their hands on some top-secret information that a big villain attack is coming. With so much at stake, even the students of UA High have joined the pro heroes to help in the coming battles.

In preparation, Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki began training under Endeavor in order to become fighters who can stand on their own.

Within the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks continues to play a dangerous game as a double agent, but the villains have fearsome resources of their own, including whatever lurks in a lab. Plus, with every moment that passes, Tomura Shigaraki comes closer to reaching his ultimate form inside a stasis tank.

The heroes will wage all-out war against the villains by launching a multi-front attack on multiple locations. But the heroes’ forces are stretched thin and Deku senses an ominous presence that could turn the tide of battle against the heroes.

When Shigaraki emerges, the war reaches a whole new level of savagery. Worse, a giant-sized villain is rampaging in a city, killing everyone in its wake.

With Number One Hero Endeavor hard-pressed to control the situation, Deku and Bakugo find themselves on the frontlines of this war.

War means casualties. War means death. And when the League of Villains threatens his friends’ lives, a raging Deku has his One For All powers reaching a whole new scary level.

Rage Deku vs Shigaraki
Everyone knows this fight is coming. Rage Deku vs Shigaraki will be the defining battle of My Hero Academia Season 6. Pic credit: Kōhei Horikoshi

Unfortunately, anime fans will need to wait until the My Hero Academia Season 6 release date to watch what happens next. Stay tuned!

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