New Sasaki and Miyano Episode 13/OVA releases on Crunchyroll

clip from sasaki and miyano ova trailer
The Sasaki and Miyano OVA premiered on Crunchyroll on July 26, 2022. Pic Credit: Studio DEEN/Youtube

There’s nothing more exciting than new content from your favorite animes, and fans of Sasaki and Miyano should be pleased to hear they’re getting blessed with a new OVA episode to keep them going until the movie.

Normally viewers would have to wait weeks for an OVA to release, likely having to purchase the Blu-ray to see it. Luckily that isn’t the case here, as fans are being blessed early. This new OVA is wasting no time and is set to premiere tonight—Tuesday, July 26th at 6:00 pm PST on the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

The episode, which is technically considered to be both episode 13 and an OVA, also released a promo ahead of the premiere which fans can see below.

What will the Sasaki and Miyano OVA be about?

If this OVA was just as much a surprise to you as it was to most Sasaki and Miyano fans, you’re probably wondering what it will be about.

This episode will follow the boys and the Disciplinary Committee as they attempt to help a student locate their missing keychain. These events prompt the formation of the “First Lost-Item Detective Agency.”

Fans of Sasaki and Miyano will surely enjoy seeing their favorites engage in even more antics after several months without them.

Is this the same spin-off episode that was announced before?

If you follow this series, you will remember the announcement of both a movie and a special new episode coming out soon. However, this OVA is separate from the spin-off episode planned for 2023.

This OVA will still center around Sasaki, Miyano, and their friends while the future spin-off episode will focus on Hirano and Kagiura, a couple that was often hinted at in the main series. The spin-off episode is meant to coincide with the movie’s premiere, providing even more content for fans of this series to enjoy.

What is Sasaki and Miyano about?

If you have yet to see this series and have been considering trying it out, now is a perfect time.

Based on the manga by Shō Harusono, Sasaki and Miyano is a boy’s love series centered around Yoshikazu Miyano, a self-proclaimed Fundanshi (aka a male lover of boys love or yaoi content). Miyano is so wrapped up in keeping his interest under wraps that he doesn’t even realize the boy’s love plot that is currently taking over his own love life. Clueless to Sasaki’s growing interest in him, Miyano just might miss his chance at love if he doesn’t start paying attention. Luckily, Sasaki is more than determined to turn Miyano’s boys love fantasy into more than just a story in a manga.

Fans of romantic comedies and boys love series will surely enjoy this new spin on the genre! With 12 episodes on Crunchyroll and this new OVA dropping tonight, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained.

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