One Piece Chapter 1072 sets up an emotional Kuma flashback

Pacifista One Piece
Pacifista based on Bartholomew Kuma in One Piece. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One Piece manga Chapter 1072, titled “The Weight of Memory,” is unofficially out. For those who want to wait for the official translation, the chapter will drop on Sunday as usual.

Chapter 1072 continues the “Germa 66’s Ahh…An Emotionless Excursion” cover story. It shows Queen, Ceaser, and Judge producing deadly weapons. Ceaser is holding a Devil Fruit, Queen is holding chemical tubes, most likely a virus, and Judge seems to be holding some kind of an advanced spear.

We open this chapter with a quote from Dr. Vegapunk, “Even if the world does not accept how she came to be, the girl is unmistakably human! It was a success! I bear witness to this achievement and I maintain that it is a huge step toward world peace!”

It was such an out-of-context quote that came out of nowhere. The chapter immediately moved to Vegapunk chasing Bonney, so I thought that this “girl” was Bonney. But at the end of the chapter, we learn that it is actually Stussy.

Stussy is actually a clone of Ms. Bukingham Stussy of the Rocks Pirates. She is the first successful clone made by the MADS group. Now that is wild.

I’ll write a separate article about this whole Stussy situation, so look forward to it.

Kuma’s memories

The first half of this chapter was Bonney chasing Vegapunk and asking about Kuma. We learn so much about Bonney and Kuma’s Devil Fruits in this chapter.

Bonney’s Devil Fruit is still unnamed, but most people thought that it allowed her to alter her age and also that of other people. But it looks like she can do much more. In this chapter, she used a new form called “Distorted Future,” and it seems she can “age” herself based on different future possibilities. 

We also learn more about Kuma Paw-Paw Devil Fruit. Not only can Kuma “repel” pain and transfer it to others, as we saw in Thriller Bark, but he can also do this with other nerve signals like memories.

After Vegapunk refuses to tell Bonney about Kuma, she finds a locked room containing Kuma’s memories in his signature paw bubble.

It looks like we are set to receive an emotional Kuma backstory by means of Bonney.

Zoro vs Kaku

We don’t really get much of a fight, but only a clash. Apparently, Kaku is also awakened, LoL. How is someone like Kaku awakened, but people like Kaido, King, Queen, and Jack weren’t? The pirate crew, with most Zoan members, did not even have a single awakened one. Sigh!

You can check out the official One Piece manga Chapter 1072 when it drops on the Viz website.

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