One Piece Film Red box office numbers make movie the most seen Japanese film of 2022

Shanks and Luffy
Luffy and Shanks face alternate directions and their determination is evident. Pic credit: Viz Media

The One Piece Film Red box office numbers have blown away the competition.

It was announced on the official Japanese One Piece Twitter account on the 6th that One Piece Film Red had made a whopping 180 million yen at the Japanese box office (~$130 million USD), making it the most profitable Japanese film of 2022.

It was also announced that the film was the most-seen movie in Japanese theaters in 2022 with an attendance of 13 million people, the ninth most profitable film in Japan of all time and, a week after the worldwide release of the movie, the tenth most profitable Japanese film in world history.

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Announcement post from Eiichiro Official, One Piece’s official Twitter outlet.

One Piece Film: Red US box office numbers and worldwide release of the film

Additionally, it was announced that the American three-day attendance of One Piece Film Red was 576% more than that of the previous movie, One Piece Stampede. Despite the limited release schedule, the One Piece Film Red movie earned $7.5 million in that timeframe. Due to this success, the movie is planned to show in over 90 countries and areas worldwide, with the goal of becoming the highest-grossing Japanese film of all time!

In the anticipation of this news, the singing voice for the movie’s titular character Uta, Ado, was brought into a partnership with Geffen Records for US distribution of her music and promotion, which was a good choice — the One Piece Film Red songs uploaded to the Crunchyroll channel after its US release has been seen over two million views in the week since their upload!

Why has One Piece Film Red been so successful?

As part of the series’ 30th-anniversary celebration, the promotions behind the movie were extensive in both Japan and the rest of the world.

One Piece Film Red was produced by the author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, and was directed by Goro Taniguchi, director of Code Geass and the first-ever One Piece animated short, One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzack! The movie also features an original story written by Oda himself, and all Japanese theatergoers obtained an exclusive manga drawn by Oda himself detailing Uta’s backstory and exclusive stories. Additionally, Ado, the singing voice for Uta, is one of the most popular Japanese singers around at the moment following the release of Ussewa. With original songs from her and a story created by the author himself, the movie was a must-see for many.

Here’s hoping that the success of One Piece Film Red continues!

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