Pokemon Journeys Part 5 release date on Netflix U.S. – Pokemon Master Journeys continues the story in September 2021[Trailer]

Pokemon Journeys Season 5
Netflix’s Pokemon Journeys Part 5 anime will include the next 12 episodes up through Pokemon Journeys Episode 60. Pic credit: Studio OLM

The Pokemon Journeys Part 5 release date on Netflix is on September 10, 2021, but there will be a major change to the renewed TV show. The new episodes will officially be considered the 24th season, Pokemon Master Journeys, which will continue the story.

As Netflix users know, the streaming giant likes to set up audiences for binge-watching rather than releasing episodes weekly. That means Pokemon Journeys will be split up into multiple seasons or parts.

Originally, Netflix planned on releasing the episodes in blocks of 12. The official Pokemon website stated that “another 12 episodes will be added every three months for the duration of the season.”

Part 4 came out on March 5, 2021. Based on that announcement, Pokemon Journeys Part 5 should have been released in June 2021. But the month came and went without Netflix making any announcements.

The interesting thing is that the official website also said in March 2021 that Part 4 was the “final” collection of Pokemon Journeys: The Series episodes that would release on Netflix. But the series is already way past Episode 48 so what happened?

On July 7, 2021, it was officially announced that Pokemon Master Journeys Netflix release date would be on September 10, 2021.

The initial release of Netflix’s Pokemon Master Journeys will include 12 episodes. The question is, where does Pokemon Master Journeys Episode 1 start?

Monsters and Critics reached out to Netflix for clarification on this issue. Based on the email correspondence, it’s officially confirmed that Season 23 is ending with Episode 48, so Pokemon Master Journeys Part 1 will include Pokemon Journeys Episodes 49 through 60.

The Pokemon English dub cast returned for the Pokemon Journeys English dub and several new voice actors.

The Pokemon Journeys: The Series release date in Japan initially took place on November 17, 2019. Except for seven weeks of delays in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, new episodes have been regularly released every week.

The Japanese Pokemon Journeys Episode 60 was released on March 19, 2021, while Episode 75 is scheduled for July 30, 2021. The Pokemon Season 24 release date in Japan was officially listed as being in Summer 2021.

In the first 24 episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Ash, and Goh become research assistants at the Cerise Laboratory in Vermilion City and find themselves traveling the Pokemon world studying and training Pokemon.

The two discover the wonders of Gigantamax Pokemon, explore Galar’s Wild Area, and even find some common ground with Team Rocket. And while Ash continues his journey to become a Pokemon Master, Goh catches his first Pokemon and discovers that Pokemon battles can be fun.

Episodes 25 through 36 had Ash returning to the Kalos Region with Goh to compete in the Battle Festival. Goh witnessed Mega-Evolution for the first time. They also traveled to the Galar Region to see a World Coronation Series Match.

The biggest development was that Pikachu became jealous of Ash focusing on training Riolu and ran away! Obviously, Ash’s bond with Pikachu is restored and strengthened, and Goh desires a Pikachu of his own.

Pikachu even refuses a Thunder Stone so he can evolve into a Raichu!

At the beginning of Part 4, Ash had been suffering from a serious losing streak, and his confidence was down in the dumps. But Ash was cheered up when his journey took him back to Alola, and his friends threw a party for him.

Their journey took them to many new exciting locations, with a long Sword and Shield story arc being a highlight. But the climax was when the legendary Clone Pokemon Mewtwo showed up and battled Ash and Goh!

The last time we watched the anime, Team Rocket tried swapping out Pikachu with their mecha version. In Pokemon Journeys Part 5: Episode 49, Team Rocket will be infiltrating a school disguised as students. One of the highlights will be Episode 53, when they encounter the legendary water Pokemon Suicune!

Here is the plot summary for Pokemon Journeys Episode 49: To Train, or Not to Train! (Koharu and the Mysterious Mysterious Eievui!).

At a Kuchiba City research center studying Eevees, an Eevee tries to imitate different evolved Eevee without success. Seeing Chloe’s Yamper walk by (it’s out for a walk with Ash and Pikachu while Goh and Chloe are in school), it escapes from the center and follows Yamper, with whom it becomes friendly. When two lab assistants from the center chase after Eievui, Yamper leads it to Chloe’s school, where Chloe spots them and enlists Goh’s help to block the assistants while she escapes with Eievui. Team Rocket, who’ve infiltrated the school disguised as students, attempt to steal all of the Pokemon in the school playground, including Goh’s Cinderace and Messon, and when Ash and Pikachu try to stop them they fall into Team Rocket’s classic pit trap.

Here’s a review of Pokemon Journeys Episode 49:

This article provides everything that is known about Pokemon Journeys Part 5 (Netflix’s Pokemon Master Journeys Part 1) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

How long will Pokemon Journeys continue?

As previously noted, Netflix confirmed that Pokemon Journeys Episode 48 was the ending of the previous season. Each new Pokemon season tends to have around 50 episodes. For example, Pokemon XYZ had 47 episodes, while Pokemon Season 22 had 54 episodes.

But Pokemon Season 23 is highly unusual in that it was already confirmed to have 75 episodes in Japan before Netflix confirmed the episode count! The Pokemon Journeys Episode 75 release date in Japan is confirmed for July 30, 2021.

Now that we know that Pokemon Master Journeys starts with Episode 49, the plan is to continue releasing new episodes in blocks of 12.

The new Pokemon Season 24 will have “approximately 42 episodes” in total. That means this newest generation of anime episodes will have 90 episodes in total between the two parts.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series cover art
The Pokemon Journeys: The Series anime soft rebooted the story for Ash Ketchum and Pikachu but also introduced new characters Goh and Scorbunny. Pic credit: OLM

Pokemon Journeys Part 6 on Netflix U.S. is Pokemon Master Journeys Part 2?

Note: This news story will be updated once the details about Pokemon 2021 are confirmed.

By the time Pokemon Journeys Part 5 is streaming on Netflix in the U.S., Part 6 (Episodes 61 through 72) in the overall Pokemon Journeys anime TV series will have aired already on TV in Japan.

Although we know that Season 24 is called Pokemon Master Journeys, the question is whether Netflix’s Pokemon Journeys is just continuing on with the Pokemon Master Journeys name change or will Pokemon 2021 restart the episode count with Pokemon Season 24 as part of Generation 8.

Just like the anime TV series has done in the past, the title for Pokemon Journeys 2021 was extended to include the new focus for the year. For example, the three seasons of Generation 7, Pokemon: Sun and Moon, were extended with the subtitles “Ultra Adventures” and “Ultra Legends.”

Netflix will not be giving up exclusive rights to international streaming for such a popular brand name. Assuming Part 6 continues Season 24, that means Netflix’s Pokemon Master Journeys Part 2 will be the sequel.

More Pokemon Master Journeys episodes will release on Netflix “approximately every three months for the duration of the season” according to the official website. A press release words it differently, stating that the “initial release of 12 episodes [will be] followed by quarterly releases on Netflix for the duration of the season.”

That means Netflix’s Pokemon Journeys Part 6 release date would be in December 2021. Stay tuned!

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