Power is the best girl in Chainsaw Man!

Chainsaw Man Episode 4 screenshot featuring Power
Chainsaw Man Episode 4 ending screenshot, featuring the many “faces” of Power. Pic credit: MAPPA

Power is a breath of fresh air in a world where manipulation runs rampant. Not because she can’t manipulate people but because it rarely works.

She’s the bratty little sister that can use her blood as a weapon and loves her cat. There will be some spoilers ahead.

But these deal with her character growth instead of the plot.

Visuals from the Chainsaw Man anime trailer
Power in the Chainsaw Man anime Trailer. Pic credit: MAPPA

What do we know about Power?

Power is introduced to us early in Chainsaw Man and dominates every scene she’s in. She hates humans and Devils, but we haven’t heard how she feels about Fiends or hybrids.

We also don’t know why Power became a Fiend. But she claims that Devils ran from her scent back when she was in her Devil form.

She can create weapons out of her blood and has a keen sense of smell. Power usually is full of confidence, especially in battle, but will flee to preserve her life.

Like Denji, Makima recruited/forced Power to join the Public Safety Organization. But Power wears a light blue jacket over her uniform and sneakers.

Power is slow to trust others, but once she warms up to someone. Then, she’s willing to do anything to protect them.

Although we haven’t seen Power do this with Denji yet, he has made an impression by saving her and her cat.

Why Power is the perfect Fiend/Devil!

So far, Power hasn’t done much to show why people fear blood. In some cases, she’s similar to Ginta from Deadman Wonderland.

She can control her blood freely until she uses too much and becomes anemic. But why doesn’t she have control over all blood?

Fiends are weaker than their Devil forms, but what’s stopping Power from using split blood or carrying blood on her? Is it because she hasn’t thought to try it before?

Or is there another reason she’s holding herself back? Sadly, the anime might not show us why before Chainsaw Man Episode 12.

But Power’s abilities do make her a match for many Devils. After all, if Denji can drink blood to heal, imagine what Power can do if she’s pushed too far.

How different is the Fiend from the Devil? So why did Power run away in episode 9? And when will we see her in a proper fight?

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