Rave World Rice: If You Eat You Will Understand Everything About This: Dr. Stone manga artist Boichi has a new food manga!

End card of Boichi's offical youtube channel
The end card of Boichi’s official YouTube channel. Pic credit: BoichibeTOON/YouTube

On April 14, 2022, Boichi will share his newest manga with the world. It’s called Zessan Sekai Meshi-Tabereba kono yo no subete ga wakaru, or Rave World Rice-If You Eat You Will Understand Everything About This.

No word yet on the plot, character names, or what kind of cooking manga it is. But this isn’t the first time Boichi has created realistic, yummy-looking food.

He’s created the Space Chef Caiser. A short, but highly-entertaining story about a young man and three girls traveling in space. It’s very similar to Dr. Stone and Food Wars.

Boichi has made food manga and more

His real name is Mu-jik Park, and he knew he wanted to be a manga artist since he was a child. He made his debut in Korea in 1993 and moved to Japan in 2004.

Boichi has worked with many creators from Shonen Jump and has made a lot of manga from different genres. His distinct style is easily recognized.

He’s done around 40 stories in both physical and digital formats. Dr. Stone is arguably his best-known work, but some of his other works include Space Chef Caiser, Sun-Ken Rock, Wallman, Trigun: The Lost Plant, One Piece episode A, and He was There.

Dr. STONE Manga Characters
The Dr. STONE manga art by Korean artist Boichi is very distinctive. Pic credit: Boichi

Other new Boichi content

The Dr. Stone manga ended in 2022, but the anime is getting a Dr. STONE Season 3 release date in 2023. However, fans will get to see a special segment in the summer of 2022.

It will be based around the new character Ryusui Nanami, and a trailer is already here. The Stone World is on its way to the Age of Exploration.

If you haven’t read the manga and don’t like spoilers, then skip the next two paragraphs. Just like when Senku picked Tsukasa to help aid him and Taiju to survive, Ryusui is chosen because Senku needs a captain.

Unlike Tsukasa, the captain wants to rebuild humanity to its former glory. Their goal is to reach the island where the remaining ISS astronauts were stranded.

But things take an unexpected turn as they learn of the existence of the Why-man. Is this person somehow connected to the petrification that affected the world?

Will the third season be the finale? All we can do is enjoy ourselves with some of Boichi’s past work and wait for his newest that will arrive in a few days.

Catch up with Senku on Crunchyroll.

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