Raven of the Inner Palace receives a second trailer with OP, ED songs

uki from raven of the inner palace close up
Raven of the Inner Palace will begin airing on October 1st, 2022. Pic credit: Bandai Namco/Youtube

Only a few weeks after the first full trailer was released, Raven of the Inner Palace dropped another trailer to get fans excited for the upcoming series.

The popular series, also known by its original name, Koukyuu no Karasu, was first said to be getting an anime adaptation as early as December 2021. Since then, they have released multiple trailers and visuals as time draws closer to the anime’s official October 1, 2022 air date.

Producing the series will be Bandai Namco Pictures while Chizuru Miyawaki is slated to direct. Her work can be seen in other popular animes such as the Gintama franchise.

What will the series be about?

While the newest trailer for the series does give fans some pretty good looks into what they can expect, there are surely still some people wondering what the series is going to be about. The anime will be based on the popular light novel series of the same name by Kouko Shirakawa.

Raven of the Inner Palace tells the story of Uki — a mysterious woman who, despite being a consort to the emperor, has never been required to serve in his bed. While most people know little about her, barely sure of what she looks like, rumors say she is a powerful woman who dabbles in the dark arts. Tales of her power range from exorcising spirits, inflicting curses, and locating lost items but she is known only as the Raven Consort.

When Koushun, the current emperor, comes to visit the Raven Consort in search of something lost, he sets them both down a path that may forever change the course of history as they know it.

Although fictional, the series is set in Ancient China, which should add some interesting diversity to the already strong Fall 2022 anime lineup.

The second official trailer for Raven of the Inner Palace.

What are the opening and ending songs?

Along with the new trailer, the official Twitter page and website for Raven in the Inner Palace also released the names and artists of the series’ opening and ending theme songs as well.

The opening song for the anime will be titled “Mysterious” and will be performed by the Japanese punk rock band known as Queen Bee.

The ending song, entitled “Summer Snow”, will be performed by the singer krage.

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