Revenger anime PV trailer from Crunchyroll reveals Usui Yuen

Revenger has a new PV! Pic credit: Revenger Production Committee

On October 21, 2022, @Revenger_anime on Twitter posted the second PV trailer for the anime-original, Revenger. The post promises that more details on staff, voice actors, and animation studio will be forthcoming.

But thanks to an article by Crunchyroll on October 7, 2022, we have a synopsis, our main character’s name, the character’s name that shows up in the second PV, and confirmation that Crunchyroll will stream Revenger!

Revenger anime key visual
Key visual for the upcoming anime Revenger. Pic credit: @Revenger_anime/Twitter

What is Revenger?

According to Crunchyroll, Usui Yuen, a master assassin, investigates a string of assassinations made on the great samurai clan, the Satsuma. He meets with a member of the Satsuma clan who survived an attack, Kurima Raizo.

They decided to work together to uncover the truth, but once they find it, will they be able to live long enough to have their revenge? Stolen resources and an outstretched hand could be bad or good, slashing people to resist a cruel fate.

The hype sounds good, and I’m excited to learn more about Revenger, but the key visual above is worth a second look, namely, how the lower half of Usui’s right arm and sword are being restrained by fines. It’s hard to slash people when you can’t use your sword, so what does this mean?

Does Usui no longer want to be an assassin? Is he feeling guilty about something? And why use vines in this image?

Are we being given a hint? Since its being used as a restraint, does the vine represent someone?

Some form of doctor, perhaps, or a pacifist? And what will be the nature of our two main characters?

Light or Dark?

Revenge is a common theme found in every media. Though some cases are not justified, and most forms of revenge are illegal, we never get tired of seeing it.

But to call the anime, Revenger may also be misleading. If you look it up, revenge is a noun that can be considered a wish or goal.

The cause for revenge can be anything, and you can scream, revenge, or vengeance, as much as you want. But it doesn’t matter if that’s all it amounts to.

Avenge is a verb. A goal that you are actively working towards. If we use Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto as an example, he’s an avenger.

He trains himself to avenge his clan and takes every opportunity to become stronger and attack his brother. So, if Usui and Kurima discover the truth and stop the assassinations, they will be avengers.

Because they kept working towards their goal and achieved it, instead of leaving it to someone else, why is it called Revenger? Will one of them die, and thus, remain a revenger?

I can’t wait to find out!

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