Solo Leveling audiobook by Yen Audio gives English fans a new way to enjoy the light novel

Cover of the Solo Leveling audiobook and manhwa.
Based on Chugong’s web novel, the Solo Leveling light novel has an audiobook release. Pic credit: Dubu, Redice Studio

The first three volumes of the Solo Leveling audiobook are available now. Fans have multiple mediums to enjoy their favorite Japanese and Korean media. Now, more publishers are releasing audiobooks of popular light novels. Will this become a growing trend? Only time will tell.  

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Yen Audio — a subsidiary of Yen Press — is publishing the project. The Solo Leveling audiobook is one of four debut titles including the Overlord and Saga of Tanya the Evil audiobooks.

Publishers One Peace and Vertical also publish the Rising of the Shield Hero and Bakemonogatari audiobooks, respectively. English audiobooks of Japanese and Korean media are few for now, but depending on the medium’s popularity, we may be seeing more releases in the future.  

What’s the point of audiobooks?

For avid manga and light novel fans who enjoy a series’ artwork just as much as its story, audiobooks may seem like an odd pick. But just as every medium has its strengths and weaknesses, audiobooks fit a certain niche that focuses on verbal storytelling while allowing the listener to have a hands-free experience.

With work and school taking up most of one’s day, it can often be challenging to find time to wind down with anime or manga. Luckily, audiobooks present their stories in a way that’s perfect for multi-tasking. Download an audiobook to your phone and enjoy your favorite novel during your commute!

More scaled-down than an audio drama, audiobooks still employ talented voice actors to bring the story and world to life. For some, having a familiar voice telling tales has a cozy feeling. And it can make for a relaxing experience to fall asleep listening to your favorite actors reading bedtime stories.

Audiobooks are also a perfect way for those with sight impairments to enjoy light novels. Not all books are properly formatted for screen readers. But purchasing an audiobook ensures that the work is an optimized listening experience. 

Where can I purchase the Solo Leveling audiobook and others?

The first three volumes of the Solo Leveling audiobook can be purchased from sites such as Book☆Walker and Audible. Volume 4 releases June 21, 2022 — giving fans plenty of time to catch up on the series!

Currently, Book☆Walker only has six audiobook titles for sale including Spice and Wolf and Sword Art Online. But shoppers can still earn coins (Book☆Walker’s premium currency) for their audiobook purchases. Book☆Walker coins can be used to discount future manga and light novel orders so it pays to do all your shopping in one place!

For those who don’t intend to use Book☆Walker long-term, Audible offers the Solo Leveling audiobook for much cheaper — and their audiobook selection is much more extensive. By purchasing Audible’s Premium Plus plan for $14.95, fans get access to 1 title a month.

There’s also the chance that the Solo Leveling audiobook may be available at your local library. WorldCat provides a database of over 10,000 libraries, and it’s possible that Solo Leveling along with other anime audiobooks may be available for free. And if not, check with the librarians to see if the work can be ordered. 

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