Spy x Family Anya Forger Tamagotchi allows fans to raise their own little telepath

anya tamagotchi announcement
The new Spy x Family Anya Tamagotchi releases in December 2022. Pic credit: Bandai Co./Twitter

Spy x Family fans who have dreamed of being like Loid Forger will finally get the chance, or at least the chance to get as close as they can, with the new Anya Tamagotchi.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the toys, they are handheld digital pets that owners raise, doing everything from feeding them, to playing with them and more!

While many Tamagotchi include more realistic features like the ability to get sick, or even perish, it is unclear if Anya’s will have these features at this time.

The Spy x Family Tamagotchi is being distributed by Bandai Co. and is set to release on December 17, 2022, in Japan. It is unclear whether it will become available globally, but it will be available in online shops as well. The cost will be ¥2,530 Japanese Yen, which is equivalent to about $19.47 USD.

What’s special about the Anya Tamagotchi?

The Spy x Family Anya Tamagotchi is special for a number of reasons, as it has features that specifically tie into the anime and are unique to her character.

pink and green tamagotchi choices
The Tamagotchi will be available in Spy Green or Anyacchi Pink. Pic credit: Bandai Co

The Tamagotchi itself will have two different colors for fans to choose from called Spy Green and Anyacchi Pink. Anya will have a number of different outfits, or “ootfits” as she says, for users to change her into including her Eden Academy outfit, pajamas, or even a witch costume.

spy x family tamagotchi expressions
The Tamagotchi will feature a variety of outfits and expressions. Credit: Bandai Co

Like many Tamagotchi, she’ll be able to change her expressions to reflect her mood. It appears that her crying face, shocked face, and even her infamous “heh” face will all be available.

With the new Anya Tamagotchi, fans will even be able to feed her peanuts and play games with her like dodgeball. It’s easy to see how much effort went into making this digital pet feel as close to Anya Forger as possible.

spy x family tamagotchi games
Fans will be able to feed Anya her favorite snack, peanuts! Pic credit: Bandai Co

What is Spy x Family about?

With all the hype surrounding the series, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Spy x Family. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you may be wondering why people can’t get enough of it.

This synopsis from Crunchyroll reads:

World peace is at stake and secret agent Twilight must undergo his most difficult mission yet—pretend to be a family man. Posing as a loving husband and father, he’ll infiltrate an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician. He has the perfect cover, except his wife’s a deadly assassin and neither knows each other’s identity. But someone does, his adopted daughter who’s a telepath!

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