Spy x Family ED (ending) theme song music trailer is out along with SpyxFamily Episode 3

Spy x Family Season 1
A scene from the Spy x Family ending theme song “Comedy.” Pic credit: Wit Studio and CloverWorks

Spy x Family Episode 3 released and anime fans are excited to finally watch the Spy x Family ED trailer. Episode 3: Prepare for the Interview is a faithful adaptation of chapter 3 and way too cute to miss. Anya calls Yor her mama right away, and the three have a family outing.

Anya also gives Yor a tour around the house and boasts that she was a big girl and helped Papa clean. Loid tells Yor the truth about Anya’s actions, much to Anya’s shock and Yor’s delight.

The anime also added some new details. They’re not significant spoilers, but you should still watch Episode 3 first.

Spy x Family Season 1
Anya wants to help her Papa. Pic credit: Wit Studio and CloverWorks.

What’s new in Spy x Family Episode 3 and what can we learn from the ending song?

The stuffed toy Anya brought with her from the orphanage is named Mr. Chimera. Could this cute toy be from her birth parents? In the anime, Yor calls the little girl Miss Anya and refers to herself as Anya’s mother.

Not new mom. Not step-mom. Yor treats Anya as if she was her birth mother and I love it! This happens in the manga, but the tour is more prominent in the anime.

The Spy x Family ED end song animation gives us our first look at Yuri Briar: Yor’s younger brother who works as a civil servant in Ostenia. If the anime continues to follow the manga, it’ll be a while before we meet him properly.

Will Yuri be a good uncle? What will Loid do if his new brother-in-law decides to look into his background? The official wiki hints that Yuri is very attached to Yor, but we’ll have to wait and see how many sparks fly at their interactions.

The future of Spy x Family is looking bright

Despite the unnecessary drama surrounding the anime (outrage over Black Anya Forger fan art and claims that the Spy x Family anime sexualized Anya), Spy x Family is one of the most popular shows at this time. MyAnimeList has it as the third most popular anime, with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and GinTama being the first and second.

This is amazing since there are only three episodes available, and only the first one has been dubbed. Spy x Family is considered to be the most popular anime of the Spring 2022 anime season.

If you like wacky antics, misunderstandings, spies, and the true meaning of family. Then this is the best time to get into the anime, and if you can’t wait for the next episode, then dive into the manga.

The differences between the two mediums are small but worth pointing out and discovering. If you’d like to read my previous articles on Spy x Family, please check out the news about Crunchyroll’s Spy x Family English dub here and how the Spy x Family manga circulation has soured since the anime’s premiere.

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