Spy x Family Episode 25 screenshots are here!

Spy x Family
What’s with the dagger pin he’s wearing? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

The last episode of Spy x Family Season 1 is almost here; we have the screenshots! Loid has always been a sharp dresser.

But that dagger-looking pin is new. So is it a new piece of spy equipment from Franky? Or is it part of a new plan by WISE?

Spy x Family
Seeing Damien angry or upset isn’t new, but why’s he upset this time? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Does Plan B still have a chance?

Damien and Anya get into almost as many misunderstandings as Loid and Yor. But when will Damien own up to liking Anya?

And will the presence of his father change anything? It’s clear that Damien has much to live up to, but is the hands-off approach working?

Spy x Family
Anya’s “Heh” face never gets old! Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Return of the “Heh”!

Either she’s plotting something or thinks she got away with it. Anya’s acting skills are one of the best things about Spy x Family.

You never know if her plans will succeed or not. And the results are always entertaining to watch.

Spy x Family
What are you up to, Anya? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS


There are so many things off with this screenshot. Anya’s hat is lying neatly on top of her school bag, and she appears to be on top of a platform or stairs.

She’s drooling, has one hand on top of her heart, and one eye partially open. Is that shadow a person or a wall?

Is someone about to kidnap her again? Or is this another of her attempts to help achieve world peace?

Spy x Family
We finally meet the man Loid has been trying to contact since episode 1! Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

The man has finally appeared!

Even though Operation Stryix revolves around Mr. Desmond, this is the first time we see him on-screen! Everything has led to this moment.

But will Loid be able to take advantage of this meeting? Is Damien’s father about to start another war?

Spy x Family
Is he mad or secretly pleased? Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

A happy ending?

With Spy x Family Season 2 and a Spy x Family movie coming out in 2023, it’s doubtful that season 1 will end on a sad note. However, most students are six, and Loid wouldn’t risk a confrontation with Mr. Desmond in front of Anya.

But how long will fans wait to find out what happens next? Will we see more of the Desmond family in season 2?

We know Damien has an older brother, and their mother is alive and well. But seeing Damien blushing is never a bad thing.

Especially if Anya is involved!

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