Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 anime reportedly announced at Jump Festa 2020 along with SDBH Big Bang Mission game update

Super Dragon Ball Heroes key art
A Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 anime has reportedly been announced, but what about Dragon Ball Super Season 2? Pic credit: Toei Animation

Anime fans impatiently waiting for news of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 should be heartened by reports claiming that Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 was announced at Jump Festa 2020. It’s also been confirmed that the game the anime is based upon will be updated in March 2020 with a new story arc called Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission.

Jump Festa attendees have reported on Twitter that “Heroes Season 2 got announced today at Jump Festa. Probably March 2020.” However, this information is unverified and should be considered a rumor. It’s possible that Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 is being confused with the Big Bang Mission game update, but it’s claimed it’s “both, actually”.

The anime expo is currently ongoing and it’s resulted in various announcements, including World Trigger Season 2. Food Wars! Season 5 (which was previously confirmed via leaked Weekly Shonen Jump scans) was also officially announced late Saturday even (or Sunday morning Japanese time).

Unfortunately, nothing new about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has come out of Jump Festa… so far. Earlier in 2019, a WorldScreen report claimed that Toei Animation was “making more episodes of Dragon Ball Super.”

The animation studio officially denied having “mentioned or announced” new DBS episodes. Eventually, even WorldScreen confirmed that “Toei Animation does not plan on producing new television episodes at this time.”

Some anime fans might be wondering what the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime is in the first place. It’s an ONA (Original Net Animation) anime series that’s based on an arcade game with the same name.

While not exactly Dragon Ball 2uper, the Heroes anime technically does place in the overall timeline after the Tournament of Power story and the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

Set in Age 780, Heroes has Goku, Vegeta, and Future Mai traveling through space and time to rescue Future Trunks from the Prison Planet. This odd celestial object is seven planets chained together by Fu, a villain character who has primarily been featured in various Dragon Ball video games.

This Prison Planet story arc was six episodes long, while the Universal Conflict saga is 12 episodes long as of December 21, 2019. The second story arc has warriors multiple universes duking it out after the destruction of the Prison Planet.

Featuring characters like Jiren and Golden Meta-Cooler, the Universe Mission arc (which is also a manga) has villain Hearts attempting to transform into his ultimate form using the Universe Seed.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Trunks
If you believe that Dragon Ball Super was inconsistent with power levels, then the Dragon Ball Heroes anime pretty much said, “Hold my beer!” Pic credit: Toei Animation

Presumably, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 will be adapting a new story arc in 2020. We’ll just have to wait until the full details are released. Stay tuned!

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