Sword Art Online movie for 10th anniversary has an original story – What could it be?

Sword Art Online 10th anniversary recap visual
Sword Art Online visual from the 10th-anniversary recap video. Pic credit: Aniplex

In the fictional world of Sword Art Online, the day that the SAO servers went live was on November 6, 2022. In real life, it’s also a special day for Sword Art Online fans, as the official Twitter account revealed a new Sword Art Online movie is coming! But, unfortunately, that’s all we have.

There is a teaser trailer, but you can only watch it on Twitter. However, the post does say it will be an original story.

Which is fantastic news, but what is it going to be?

Sword Art Online
Kirito and Asuna are enjoying a meal. Pic credit: A-1 Pictures

Are we revisiting Aincrad?

The idea of being trapped in a video game and being able to die in real life is still a fascinating subgenre. But Sword Art Online has played this card several times.

Although it does try to make things interesting for both old and new fans, Aincrad isn’t scary anymore. And the fact that we’re getting a movie won’t change the impact unless we see new areas of Aincrad.

I love watching the anime, but I’m ready to see a new game. Maybe one where everything is randomized, and Kirito has to rely on his gaming skills?

A movie is roughly two hours long, so the story has to be good to get people to want to watch it. We’ve seen some outstanding battles throughout the Sword Art Online franchise.

But we’ve rarely seen Kirito and his friends lose. And since this is an anniversary movie, it’s doubtful we’ll see Kirito die in it.

Or rather stay dead/comatose.

10 years of watching Kirito kick butt!

Or reading and playing him defeat monsters, NPCs, and the occasional crazy person never gets old. Until you start wondering what comes next?

Sword Art Online has shown us many great games we’d love to see in virtual reality. And the idea of being a professional gamer in that world is exciting.

Will we see some tender moments between Kirito, Asuna, and Yui? Are previous villains going to return?

What about Kayaba? There are a million ways this movie could go, and it’ll be interesting to see the result.

But not even the official website for Sword Art Online has any details at this point. So, are you excited about more Sword Art Online?

Who do you think will show up in the new movie? Leave a comment, and keep checking Anime Geek for the latest information about the new Sword Art Online movie!

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