Telenet Shooting Collection announced, classic Mega Drive & PC Engine shoot ’em up games coming to Switch

Alexis, the Queen of Leezaluth, and the starfighter as they appear in the Japanese cover art of Gaiares.
Alexis, the Queen of Leezaluth operates the advanced TOZ System of the starfighter. Pic credit: Telenet Japan/Edia Co., Ltd.

The Telenet Shooting Collection will soon find its way to the Nintendo Switch. The system has its share of shoot ’em up fans, so game companies aim to serve this small but dedicated group of enthusiasts.

Edia is one such company and is known for the Cosmic Fantasy Collection and Valis Collection. The upcoming Telenet Shooting Collection is part of Edia’s Telenet Japan Revival Project.

But which classic shoot ’em up games will this collection have? We have confirmation of the following four titles:

  • Gaiares (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, 1990): A horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up renowned for its stunning anime-style story scenes, epic boss battles, and well-conceived power-up system.
  • Granada (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, 1990): This is a futuristic tank game viewed from a top-down perspective. The player has the ability to move in all directions or lock their tank in a specific direction for better aiming.
  • Avenger (PC Engine,1990): With its near-future scenario, Avenger puts the player in the hot seat of an advanced helicopter. It also features a wide range of weapons, tactical gameplay, and high difficulty.
  • Psychic Storm (PC Engine, 1992): Nightmarish and grotesque lifeforms threaten the existence of humanity. Therefore, you and a buddy must put an end to them in this intense two-player shooter.
The Telenet Shooting Collection cover showcases Gaiares, Granada, Avenger, and Psychic Storm.
The Telenet Shooting Collection cover (release cover art yet to be confirmed) showcases the four classic titles. Pic credit: Telenet Japan/Edia Co., Ltd.

Funding for this collection will come through the Makuake platform. Edia hopes to raise three million yen (approximately US$ 21,500) for the project.

The Telenet Shooting Collection should release in Japan around June 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

Japanese Sega Mega Drive playthrough

Extra Telenet Shooting Collection goodies announced

Backers of Edia’s Makuake funding campaign will have the opportunity to snag a few neat extras. These extras include a fan book containing artwork and development materials. Furthermore, backers will have their names printed in the fan book and the game collection.

The Telenet Shooting Collection will also come with an exclusive fan book, soundtrack CD, and a Shooters Heaven! t-shirt for its backers.
Die-hard Telenet fans will want to back these highly collectible extras. Pic credit: Telenet Japan/Edia Co., Ltd.

But what should excite game music and shoot ’em up fans is the arranged soundtrack CD by Osamu Sakuraba. Another notable extra is the Shooters Heaven! t-shirt, which may make for a cool collectible for some.

Will shoot ’em up fans truly be in heaven?

Given that all four titles have already earned their stripes back in the day, the short answer is yes! However, fans of Touhou and bullet hell shooters may not get on with these classic titles. And that’s because older shoot ’em up games have fewer bullets on screen, less intricate bullet patterns, and more methodical gameplay.

The official Psychic Storm cover art from the PC Engine release.
Psychic Storm’s cover art has that old-school manga flavor! Pic credit: Telenet Japan/Edia Co., Ltd.

Nevertheless, the fact that there’s still some interest in these titles is reassuring. Let’s hope that the Telenet Shooting Collection will prove popular enough to warrant a Western release. Stay tuned!

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