Preparing for the Tensura movie Scarlet Bonds in 2022: How to catch up on the Slime Isekai story

Promotional material for TenSura featuring Rimuru and others.
TenSura fans have something exciting to prepare for with the November 2022 release. Pic credit: Studio 8bit

Following the recent announcement of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime movie release date, fans get a chance to see the next installment of Rimuru’s journey. But those who feel left behind on the current plot’s development have nothing to fret about. There’s still time to catch up before the November 2022 release of the TenSura movie.

With a light novel, manga, anime, and multiple spin-offs it can be daunting to figure out where to start. TenSura provides multiple ways to catch up on the action. Whether one prefers to watch or read, there’s plenty of time to be prepared for the fall release.

What is the TenSura anime watch order?

Luckily, unlike other series like Gundam or Monogatari, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime doesn’t have a complex watch order to follow. With two seasons and five OVA episodes, there isn’t too much to watch in order to catch up for the Fall 2022 movie. 

The first season — which consists of 24 main episodes — is generally faithful to the manga with the exception of the final episode. While original to the anime, episode 24 does provide more insight into the backstory of Shizu. That said, all whole-numbered episodes are canon and it’s suggested not to skip anything. Episode 24.5 is a recap told from the perspective of Veldora. It’s non-essential, but interesting in seeing a supporting character’s perspective. 

As for the five OVA episodes that take place between the events of seasons one and two, fans have more freedom to choose whether to watch or pass. Episodes one and two of the OVA are fanservice but still fun to watch for their light-hearted comedy. The next three episodes do set up the events of the second season, but it’s up to fans whether they wish to skip right ahead without the extra context. 

A character profile of Rimuru from TenSura.
“In a previous life, he was an ordinary office worker named Satoru Mikami. But he was involved in an incident and reincarnated as a slime in a different world. Taking advantage of his many abilities, he became friends with many monsters living in the forest. And finally, he became the lord of the monster country “Jura Tempest Federation” and one of the pillars of the demon king.” Pic credit: Studio 8bit

While also non-essential, fans who want more fanservice and comedy can also watch The Slime Diaries — a spin-off series that takes place after the events of Season 1. Like the OVA episodes, viewers won’t miss out on much without watching, but it can be nice for those desiring more light-hearted adventurers with the cast.

Unlike the first season, the second season is split up into two cours. There are still a total of 24 main episodes with some extras added in between. 24.9 is helpful for those who want a recap of the first season but can easily be skipped. Before the start of Part 2, there is another episode from Veldora’s perspective that can also be skipped if desired. Otherwise, it’s full steam ahead until the finale!

Those subscribed to Crunchyroll can watch both seasons, Slime Diaries plus the OVAs with a subscription. Those who currently have a Funimation sub can claim a free 60 days of Crunchyroll premium. New subscribers, too, can try out a free trial.  

Should I read the TenSura light novel or manga?

Changes between the light novel and manga are minor so it’s mainly up to the reader’s preference where they’d like to begin. The light novel currently consists of 19 volumes — the same as the manga. Both also have a few spin-off series that are non-essential but still fun for fans to get more comedy and slice-of-life adventures.

Paperback copies of the light novel are available at select retailers such as RightStuf. Digital copies may also be purchased through Amazon’s Kindle app or Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Manga readers can gain access to the first three volumes with a Crunchyroll subscription or buy each volume directly on Kodansha

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