The Quintessential Quintuplets movie to include bonus sequel manga Chapter 123 (122 + 1)

The Quintessential Quintuplets Brides
The Quintessential Quintuplets’ new manga chapter release will coincide with the 2022 movie. Pic credit: Negi Haruba

Just when fans thought The Quintessential Quintuplets manga was done, the official Twitter announced a special new bonus chapter! The chapter comes as part of a visitor promotion for the upcoming film, The Quintessential Bride.

The official announcement states, “We have decided to distribute volume 14.5 of ‘The Quintessential Bride’ containing manga drawn by Mr. Haruba Negi!”.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Chapter 123 will be officially labeled as Chapter 122+1 and be titled: “The Quintuplet can’t Divide the Secret into Five Equal Parts”

According to the site, the new chapter will contain 24 pages worth of content and will be handed out to viewers who attend a screening of the movie.

The bonus chapter will be a short The Quintessential Quintuplets sequel or epilogue

Since the original run of the manga has concluded, fans are surely wondering what this bonus chapter could be about. 

According to the announcement, this chapter gives fans a look into the lives of the quintuplets after the original manga ended. 

This new chapter will include character settings to accompany the upcoming movie. 

Will the Quints bonus chapter be available anywhere else?

The bonus chapter of the Quintessential Quintuplets manga will be included as a visitor bonus for those who attend the movie. 

announcement flyer from the quintessential quintuplets twitter
The new bonus chapter will reveal what happens after the manga conclusion. Pic credit: @5Hanayome_anime/Twitter

As of right now, there are no announcements made regarding an American release. 

However, the bonus chapter will also be released in Weekly Shonen Magazine No.25 on Wednesday, May 18th.

How will this tie into the upcoming movie?

Since the latest manga chapter will be released with the new movie, the announcements have made it clear the two go hand in hand.

Fans will remember the original series followed poor high school student, Futaro Uesugi. He earned money by tutoring a group of eccentric quintuplets. The series ended with chapter 122 finally revealing which sister would end up as Futaro’s wife.

In a previous article, Anime Geek predicted The Quintessential Quintuplets movie will cover everything past Futaro choosing one of the sisters to go on a date with him. Using the information provided so far, the bonus chapter will likely pick up after that. 

How can I catch up on Quintessential Quintuplets before the release?

If you’re curious about the Quintessential Quintuplets, there are several ways you can catch up before the new chapter drops. 

The manga, released by Kodansha Comics, ended with 122 chapters.

The anime, which premiered in 2019, currently has two seasons. Viewers can stream them on Crunchyroll or Funimation. 

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