The six-month mark of training for the Saiyans!

Dragon Ball Z
Goz and Mez challenge Goku so they can kill some time. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Goz, the blue oni, and Mez are good at their jobs. But they can’t ignore a chance to have some fun.

Especially when Goku tries to eat one of King Yama’s special fruits. They’re only the first hurdle in Goku’s way to getting to meet King Kai before the year runs out.

And we get to see Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshihan, and Chiaotzu in action! Yajirobe is there too, but he’s barely doing anything.

Dragon Ball Z
Princess Snake was a great hostess… until she found out Goku was married and had a son! Pic credit: Toei Animation

You have to do more than just run to reach the end!

The first thing Goku does once he wakes up is head to a tree and attempt to grab some fruit. But he is knocked out and meets Goz and Mez.

A blue oni and a red oni in charge of the first level of Hell, or Home For Infinite Losers in the dub. Fortunately, there is a way for Goku to return to Snake Way.

First, he must defeat Goz in a sumo match! And if Goku loses, he gives up his body and must remain in Hell.

Goku wins, and Goz keeps his word. And takes him to a giant plank of wood balanced on a rock.

Goz jumps on one end, and Goku smacks his head against the clouds before falling. Then, Mez challenges Goku to a game of tag.

The chase shows us some nice views of the first layer of Hell, but it ends back at the tree with the forbidden fruit. Goku wins again, and the oni takes him to a cave.

Goku has to run up some stairs and be back to Snake Way. But Goku reveals he stole a fruit, eats it, and runs up the stairs.

Unfortunately, the stairs end at King Yama’s office, and he has to start again! But, thanks to the fruit, Goku moves much faster and finds a building that sucks him inside.

He meets Princess Snake and her servants, who do everything they can to keep him from leaving. Including dancing, food, a bath, and enough sleeping potion to make him sleep for three days.

And it might have worked, except that Goku had a nightmare about Vegeta and Nappa attacking Chi Chi and Gohan. Not sure when he knew what they looked like, but it put a nice touch to the episode.

The Z Fighters face the Pendulum Room!

If you want to become strong. You must know your enemy and yourself! This is solid advice, but the Z Fighters aren’t interested in hearing it.

They’ve been on Kami’s Lookout for two months and haven’t learned anything. And to make matters worse, they ask to receive the same training Goku did when Kami trained him.

But Kami states he didn’t teach Goku anything. And Mr. Popo leads them into the Pendulum Room.

Their minds are sent on a journey where the past, present, and future intersect, except for Yajirobe. He ate some snacks and watched the others.

Krillin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chiaotzu find themselves on a ruined planet. Saiyan skeletons are everywhere, and they encounter two unknown Saiyans.

The Z Fighters do their best, but they’re killed and returned to the Pendulum Room. Kami reveals that the Saiyans they fought aren’t nearly as strong as Vegeta and Nappa.

But they refuse to give up!

Gohan and Piccolo

Gohan is an almost perfect copy of Goku as a child. He uses a mountain lion for training and bonds with it.

Then discovers that he’s on an island! Gohan attempts to escape and winds up caught in a storm.

We see signs that Gohan has begun to trust Piccolo, as he calls him “Uncle.” And Piccolo eventually catches up to him just as Gohan finds his house.

But Gohan accepted that he couldn’t see Chi Chi and found Piccolo nearby. So they returned to the island, and Piccolo began to train Gohan properly.

Things are going well until the pod that Goku arrived in as a baby projects a hologram of a full moon! Not sure how it got there or why it made Gohan go feral and regrow his tail.

Especially since it kept saying, “wake up, Kakarot.” But at least Piccolo handled it, and Goku finally arrives at King Kai’s planet!

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