The Tale of the Outcasts new key visual reveals main characters ahead of January 2023 release date

the tale of the outcasts header
The Tale of The Outcasts is set to premiere in January 2023. Pic credit: Ashi Productions/Twitter

With the series premiere of The Tale of the Outcasts getting closer each day, the series has revealed a new key visual to give fans a good look at all of its main characters.

The anime, which is set to come out in January 2023, is an adaptation of a manga by the same name. The series ran from August 2019 to April 2021, before being greenlit for an anime adaptation.

Ashi Productions will handle the production of the series. The studio has worked on numerous shows, including the Berserk movies, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, BASTARD!! and countless more animes. Directing the series will be Yasutaka Yamamoto, who has previously worked on shows like Blue Exorcist and Big Windup!

Since the announcement, the website and official Twitter page have kept fans up to date with the latest visuals, trailers, and news regarding the series. One of the latest tweets included a large visual with more than a few major characters from the series being shown in more detail.

the tale of the outcasts key visual
New key visual featuring several of the series’ main characters. Pic credit: Ashi Productions/Twitter

What characters were featured in the new visual?

The latest key visual from Twitter is said to depict “the main characters” from the series, but if you’ve never read The Tale of the Outcasts, you may be unfamiliar with who they are.

wisteria a tale of outcasts
Wisteria from The Tale of the Outcasts. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

One of the first major characters, and arguably one of the most important ones featured in the poster, is Wisteria. She is one of the main protagonists of the series and is described as “a lonely silver-haired girl who was treated like a slave.” She possessed the ability to see demons and after summoning the demon Marbus, lives her life freely with him in search of a place they can live in peace together.

marbus a tale of outcasts
Marbus from The Tale of the Outcasts – featuring both his human and demon forms. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

Up next is Marbus, “an immortal demon who was once feared”, but now lives a fairly mundane life considering most people can no longer see demons. He can retain a human form for short periods, which allows him to be seen by people. However, his life doesn’t become exciting again until meeting Wisteria.

snow A Tale of Outcasts
Snow from The Tale of the Outcasts. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

Snow is one of the most prominent faces featured in the new visual. According to his description, he belongs to “The Knights of the Sword Cross Knights, a demon subjugation unit”. He is in pursuit of Marbus, as well as several other demons.

diana A Tale of Outcasts
Diana from The Tale of the Outcasts. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

Another character with a large presence on the poster is Diana, “the only child of the Earl Blackbell family and a noble lady”. She is from a family that is still able to see demons and even has a contract with a demon named Naberius.

naberius A Tale of Outcasts
Naberius from The Tale of the Outcasts – featuring his human and demon forms. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

Speaking of Naberius, he is a great demon much like Marbus, who also possesses interchangeable human and demon forms. Despite both being demons, it seems he and Marbus do not get along.

Astaroth A Tale of Outcasts
Astaroth from The Tale of the Outcasts – featuring their demon and human forms. Pic credit: Ashi Productions.

Another major player from the key visual is the demon Astaroth. He is also a great demon who looks like a bird in demon form but takes on the appearance of a beautiful woman in human form.

While these aren’t all the characters from the manga, these character designs and descriptions already have us intrigued!

What is The Tale of the Outcasts about?

If you’ve never heard of this series, you’re probably wondering what it’s about.

The Tale of the Outcasts is a fantasy, shonen series that follows an orphan girl named Wisteria living in the British Empire at the end of the 19th century. Her life is bleak and lonely until she meets Marbus, a demon who is being pursued by hunters. They decide to journey together in search of a new place where they can both live in peace, encountering plenty of other humans and demons along the way.

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