This is the May: Star Wars manga releasing new Rebels, Princess Leia comic in 2022

Promotional imagery for licensed Star Wars manga.
Star Wars and manga fans can celebrate together with two new Star Wars manga release this year! Pic credit: Akira Aoki and Haruichi

Disney isn’t the only one releasing new Star Wars content. Manga fans are in for a treat with new Star Wars manga releasing this year! May 4th is a time for Star Wars fans to celebrate their favorite franchise by rewatching the films and TV shows that have spanned generations. Now, manga readers have an entry point into the series.

Based on the 2014 animated series by the same name, Star Wars Rebels originated as a webcomic before becoming a published manga release. Adapting both the TV series along with original content, Star Wars Rebels follows Ezra Bridger — a force-sensitive orphan who joins up with a rag-tag crew to train as a Padawan. On June 21st, the story continues with Volume 3. Will Ezra’s training in the way of the force be successful? Pick up the manga to find out.

Those who haven’t strayed too far from Star Wars’ core content have a manga release for them as well. Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan follows its titular character from the original trilogy and sheds light on the events that led up to her joining the Rebellion. On May 10th, pick up Volume 2 to learn more of Leia’s journey along with the political dealings of the Organa family.  

What other Star Wars manga are there?

There’s no shortage of Star Wars licensed manga! Star Wars manga releases date back to the 90s with the original film, A New Hope, receiving an adaptation. The manga can be picked up in print or eBook formats from retailers such as Amazon

There have been plenty more releases since the 90s, however. Based on the anime by the same name, Star Wars: Visions is an anthology series that allows creators to put their own spin on the Star Wars universe. 

Mangaka taking part in the project include Witch Hat Atelier creator Kamome Shirahama adapting the Elder storyline — an episode from the anime which follows a Jedi and Padawan who encounter a mysterious man in their travels. The first part will be released in Big Gangan magazine on May 25, 2022.

Promotional imagery for Star Wars: Visions manga.
Big Gangan, published by Square Enix, is a digital manga magazine currently only available in Japan. Pic credit: Kamome Shirahama and Square Enix

Subsequent chapters include Haruichi’s (the mangaka of the aforementioned Princess Leia manga) Lop and Ocho storyline, Yusuke Osawa’s The Ninth Jedi, and Little Witch Academia creator Satou Keisuke’s The Twins. There’s also been talk of a Mandalorian manga coming to Big Gangan as well! 

While Big Gangan is a Japanese language publication, it’s likely that the manga may be adapted into English in the future given the source material. This is no confirmation, however, and fans will have to stay posted for more details.  

Are there any Star Wars anime?

The Star Wars: Visions manga may be coming soon, but the anime is already available on Disney+. Spanning nine episodes, Visions is an anthology series that allowed anime studios to put their own spin on a galaxy far, far away.

Directors such as Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) and Eunyoung Choi (Space☆Dandy) took part in the project. And with the combined efforts of Studio Trigger, Kinema Citrus, Production I.G, and more, the team created nine distinctly different stories in the Star Wars universe exploring everything from new alien species to the lives of droids.

Now, it’s worth noting that Star Wars Ewoks is definitely the best animated series in the franchise. Although, since it’s not an anime, Star Wars: Visions still reigns supreme. What will the future bring for Star Wars anime? Given the influx of so many great manga series this year alone, fans just might get another Star Wars anime before long!  

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