To Your Eternity Season 2 trailer PV reveals change to Studio Drive, new director

Promotional imagery for To Your Eternity – an previously unreleased screencap from episode 6 of Fushi.
To Your Eternity Season 2 is releasing this fall, but Brain Base will no longer be animating the series. Pic credit: @nep_fumetsu/Twitter

A new PV trailer for the second season of Fumetsu no Anata e — also known as To Your Eternity Season 2 — has been released along with the announcement that Studio Drive will take over for Brain’s Base. A release date has also been announced for Fall 2022 adding to a solid roster that includes My Hero Academia Season 6.

The reason for the switch has not been announced. Brain’s Base already has a few projects on its plate — including the highly anticipated Golden Kamuy Season 4 — so it’s most likely that this change was done in order to reduce their workload. It’s disappointing news for those who enjoyed Brain Base’s adaptation, but it’s too early to assume a drop in quality.

As a relatively new studio, Drive doesn’t have a large body of work under its belt. Perhaps best known for the Winter 2020 series Vlad Love, they’re coming out swinging with three series this year alone: Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Uzumaki, and the aforementioned second season of To Your Eternity.

What does the staff have to say about the To Your Eternity Season 2?

The team behind the To Your Eternity anime has shared their thoughts on the upcoming second season. Voice actors Reiji Kawashima portraying the protagonist Fushi and Kenjirou Tsuda (Jujutsu Kaisen’s Kento Nanami) as the series narrator thank fans and give praise to the upcoming production. Mangaka Yoshitoki Ooima as well hints to fans that there are plenty of exciting twists and turns coming in Season 2.

Interview with To Your Eternity voice actor Reiji Kawashima portraying Fushi.
The voice actor of Fushi, Reiji Kawashima, expresses his feelings about the series. Pic credit: To Your Eternity Official site

Thank you to everyone who watched the anime To Your Eternity. And sorry for the many times it made you shed tears. I’m really happy that the second series has been announced. I myself was able to meet wonderful actors and gain on-site experience — just like Fushi’s journey. Even more in the second series, I will play his eternal story carefully!

Reiji Kawashima
Interview with To Your Eternity voice actor Kenjirou Tsuda portraying the Narrator.
Voice of the series narrator, Kenjirou Tsuda, thanks fans for their support. Pic credit: To Your Eternity Official site

I am very pleased where this epic and deep drama of life will lead to in the second season. This is all thanks to everyone who supports us. I will do my best to meet your expectations in the second series and exceed them. Thank you for your continued support.

Kenjirou Tsuda
Interview with To Your Eternity mangaka Yoshitoki Ooima.
To Your Eternity’s creator, Yoshitoki Ooima, shares her thoughts on what’s to come in season two. Pic credit: To Your Eternity Official site

In the first series, many professionals expanded the world of my work, and people were able to learn about To Your Eternity. In the second series, Fushi will change to an entity that has more influence on the world, and I hope that the work will evolve and become something that can influence various people too.

Yoshitoki Ooima

Where can I watch To Your Eternity streaming?

Those who want to catch up on the story of To Your Eternity can do so easily on Crunchyroll. All twenty episodes of the first season are available for free with ads. Seeing as season one was previously simulcast, it’s most likely that the second season will be as well — making it readily available to watch in multiple languages.

It’s a long wait until this Fall 2022 season to learn what happens next. To get caught up sooner, read the To Your Eternity manga. Crunchyroll also offers a simulpub of the series — allowing readers to stay up to date with Japanese releases. And those with a KindleUnlimited subscription can also read all sixteen volumes on their eReader device of choice.

Collectors can also purchase all sixteen volumes from Kodansha’s website where they are available from most major book retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The paperback volumes are also available in Spanish, French, and Russian from Milky Way Ediciones, Pika Edition, and Istari Comics respectively.

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