Trigun Stampede PV trailer 2 released, controversial character changes elicit bad fan reactions

Close-up shot of Vash the Stampede from Trigun Stampede looking delirious.
Rest assured, Vash the Stampede will be a barrel of laughs! Pic credit: Studio Orange/TOHO animation

If you’ve been following our latest updates of Trigun Stampede, then you’re aware of the long-anticipated second trailer to hit on October 15, 2022. We finally viewed the action-packed and humorous trailer that TOHO animation revealed earlier today.

And boy, this trailer surprised us and left us asking questions after we finished watching it!

It opens with Vash the Stampede referring to Millions Knives (his main antagonist) and that he’s in the third city — July. Then, we see Vash tied up with a rope and dragged along the sandy desert by Meryl Stryfe while Roberto De Niro looks on.

But that’s where the horror sets in — where is our favorite tall girl Milly Thompson? Did they replace Meryl’s trusty sidekick with Roberto, and if so, why?!

Currently, there’s plenty of speculation surrounding this matter. Some fans believe that Milly will appear later on, while others feel that she won’t appear at all. There’s even speculation that she could be genderbent into Roberto.

Roberto De Niro gave Meryl Stryfe a strong tug, causing her to fly backward.
Will Meryl Stryfe and Roberto De Niro make good partners, or should they bring back Milly Thompson? Pic credit: Studio Orange/TOHO animation

Director Kenji Muto has reportedly mentioned that Trigun Stampede will take an entirely new direction. So, fans should expect plenty of changes that won’t carry over from the original series. The move to 3D CGI has already shocked some fans while impressing others.

Another notable change is the appearance of Nicholas D. Wolf, who looks a lot younger than in the original series. To top it all, he’s sucking on a lollipop instead of smoking a cigarette during the first close-up. Some interesting and controversial changes indeed!

How did fans react to the latest Trigun Stampede trailer?

Soon after the trailer dropped, fans took to Twitter in droves and said the following:

Who are the staff behind this Trigun anime adaptation?

Close-up shot of Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun Stampede.
Nicholas D. Wolfwood is a bit too baby-faced for our liking. Pic credit: Studio Orange/TOHO animation

Yasuhiro Nightow is the original creator of the Trigun franchise and the image director of the Gungrave games and anime. Kenji Muto is the director, Kouji Tajima is the concept designer, and Studio Orange handles animation production. 

The following is the Japanese voice cast of Trigun Stampede that’s revealed to date: 

  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Vash the Stampede
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Young Vash
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Nicholas D. Wolfwood
  • Sakura Andou as Meryl Stryfe
  • Kenji Matsuda as Roberto De Niro
  • Junya Ikeda as Millions Knives
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Young Knives
  • Maaya Sakamoto as Rem Saverem
And action scene from the Trigun Stampede PV trailer 2.
Some action scenes have a Mad Max vibe, which we like! Pic credit: Studio Orange/TOHO animation

While the latest trailer did surprise us, it also impressed us with its few but noteworthy action sequences. Perhaps, the move to 3D CGI will help to deliver an anime that will please diehard Trigun and action fans. Let’s hope Trigun Stampede lives up to the hype when it releases in 2023. Stay tuned!

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