Uma Musume x Granblue collab announced as part of anniversary campaign

Three characters from both Granblue Fantasy and Uma Musume hanging out. Pic credit: Cygames Channel

The smartphone game Granblue Fantasy recently announced its collaboration with Uma Musume as part of the latter game’s anniversary event.

The new Granblue Fantasy x Uma Musume collaboration is titled “Resounding Blue Sky Fanfare.”

The collaboration features the Uma Musume characters Special Week, Silent Suzuka, Gold Ship, Toukai Teio, and Mejiro McQueen venturing into the land of the skies.

What does the Granblue x Uma Musume collaboration event entail?

The Granblue x Uma Musume collaboration event entails special missions, an event-exclusive story, and exclusive companions to get in the form of the Uma Musume cast in various fantasy outfits.

The basic story of the event goes as follows:

Gold Ship, when trying to communicate with the universe, was told to pick up the Spear of Edeso and grab four friends to travel to the land of the skies. When she completed these steps and opened her eyes, she and her friends were in the world of Granblue Fantasy. Wishing to return home, they speak to the spear, who tells them that the way back home to their school is to complete the trial of the skies. Only in doing so would they be able to return home, so the five girls set out on their quest to complete the trial of the skies with the help of the legendary Spear of Edeso.

The event is set to go from February 7th through February 20th, and by clearing the first three episodes of the first chapter you receive the characters Special Week, Silent Suzuka, and Toukai Teio as companions. Along with that, if you complete all of the extra quests and gather all of the treasure, you can receive the summons for Gold Ship and Mejiro McQueen, in addition to the limited event weapon Edeso.

It’s exciting to see such an event for a Uma Musume collab — most, typically, are limited to the real world or VR events, so this is the first true isekai adventure the girls have had!

What is Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary event?

To celebrate Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary on the 24th of this year, they’ve partnered with several games and companies to raise awareness for the event with exclusive merchandise (in the case of FamilyMart), events (a Granblue collab), and in-game resource drops and free gacha rolls to thank players for all of their support thus far and encourage more people to join in on the Uma Musume experience. We’re excited to see what else they do next!

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