Upcoming anime Pole Princess dances onto the scene, revealing trailer and cast details

"Pole Princess" Hinano dances merrily!
Image credit: Pole Princess Official

Avex Pictures (Do It Yourself, Kingdom, Ya Boi Kongming) and Tatsunoko Production (The Price of Smiles) announced a joint animation venture project titled Pole Princess, an anime-original project set to show. The original story will show off the beauty of pole dancing and how, through the hard work of the girls that perform it, performers can have their lives changed forever!

Revealed today were the star-studded main cast, a trailer, the premise of the series, and a promise for more news on the series to be revealed on the 30th during a special Livestream!

The full-size key visual can be seen below:

So… what is Pole Princess, anyway?

Great question! To quote the official site, the series is about:

These girls put their resolve into the pole, and from there started their passionate youth!

Pole Princess is about the charm of pole dancing.

Intending to capture the beauty, resolve, and magnificence of pole dancing through singing and music, these hardworking girls with an eye on their goal and love for the same thing are putting together a never-before-seen, performance-packed story in this youthful anime!

The main character of this anime, Hinato Hoshikata, is a reserved, absurdly normal 17 year old. From a young age, she loved looking out her grandmother’s planetarium, but when she learns of the plans for that planetarium to close up for good, she worries over what she can do to save it.

In those thoughts, almost coincidentally, she gets caught watching a beautiful girl dance under the stars, twirling around a pole. Underneath the cover of the starry sky that she loves so much, almost able to reach out to the stars, she decides to create a show that captures that beauty as, if that were to be performed on the planetarium’s stage, customers would fall over themselves to come watch, maybe!

And with that, these girls set out to change the world of pole dancing forever!

A trailer for the series was also released, viewable below:

Besides being the first joint project between the two studios since 2019, the series stands as a curious case: neither studio has excessively experimented with 3DCG, the style of animation featured in the trailer and key visual. In motion, the 3D is wonderfully fluid, but will this quality continue throughout a full season?

As both studios are some of the oldest anime studios around, it’s possible that this is an experimental case into different types of animation to see if it’s feasible for other series. Whatever the case might be, it’s exciting to see new things from the scene!

Voice actor and cast reveal

Hinato Hoshikata – Rio Tsuchiya

While she hates how reserved she is, she battles through difficult circumstances with her whole heart. Has loved her grandmother’s planetarium since she was young.

Lilia Saijo – Anna Suzuki

A lively, bright childhood friend to Hinato. While she seems to be flawlessly positive at all times, she has her own worries over that as well.

Tousaka Mio – Yui Ogura

A girl that absolutely loves creating cosplays and making outfits, her dedication to her favorite characters (and what she will or will not do for them) is second to none.

Subaru Nanyo – Minami Hinata

While she had a promising future in rhythmic gymnastics that was set to start next year, an injury led to her retirement, and with that the loss of her dream…

What’s next for Pole Princess?

More information on the series is set to be revealed on the 30th of November following a special cast Livestream, including the series release date and more details regarding the premise of the series as well as another trailer for the series.

From the premise alone, it’s clear that the series is setting itself up to be something memorable, and possibly a multimedia project in the vein of Bang Dream! or Project Sekai from the competing pole dance troupes that seem to be on the horizon. Hopefully, it’s a series that lives up to its awesome name!

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