Vermeil in Gold English dub release date in Fall 2022 confirmed by HIDIVE

Vermeil in Gold
Vermeil is more than a pretty face. She can take down dinosaurs and Cerberus! Pic credit: Staple Entertainment

Otakon 2022 held many surprises for dub lovers as Sentai Filmworks revealed that the Vermeil in Gold English dub release date is in Fall 2022. But, unfortunately, there’s no word on who the English voice actors are.

And with the manga only available in Japanese, it’s hard to guess how far the anime will cover the source material. But the OP does give us some hints!

Vermeil in Gold screenshot
Screenshot of Vermeil from the anime Vermeil in Gold. Pic credit: Staple Entertainment

What is Vermeil in Gold?

Not a baby’s first anime, but I wouldn’t classify this as straight-up ecchi or hentai. It’s a fantasy/romantic comedy that’s meant for the shonen or teenage male audience.

Especially when you consider Vermeil’s assets and her love of teasing Alto whenever she can, I mean that literally because she doesn’t mind giving Alto public displays of affection, which leads to the typical misunderstandings and complications for Alto.

But there’s more than shameless flirting and Vermeil owning every scene she’s in. Alto is a top student, but the Oritiga Academy of Magic’s ideological structure prioritizes a peaceful coexistence with familiars.

He has to have a familiar to become a second-year student. And this is the one that’s been holding him back.

Alto has tried summoning a familiar multiple times, but nothing answered his call. So he heads to the library, and an old book falls on his head.

He can’t make out the title, but he decides to attempt the summoning anyway. And he summons Vermeil in all of her glory.

Call him whatever you want, but Vermeil is the ultimate jackpot, and watching her grow with Alto is satisfying. The series knows what it’s doing and makes a point of stressing the importance of consent.

You can’t force something to be your familiar. And Vermeil respects Alto’s boundaries, but she will still push them!

What happened in Vermeil’s past?

The OP is more than an introduction and a great song. It’s strongly hinting at where the season might end. Episode 5: Rampage aired on August 2, 2022, on an illegal cliffhanger but a fitting one.

With only six manga volumes to draw from, the pacing will be a critical issue for the anime. But we have several major questions to answer.

Who is the blonde woman holding the book? Why is Vermeil as a child crying and surrounded by burning wreckage?

Will Obsidian die in the next episode? And who else does Alto need to worry about as he prepares for the Bronze Exam?

Sadly, I don’t have the answers, but if you’d like to hear more about my thoughts on Vermeil in Gold, click here. For more information about Vermeil in Gold’s OP, click here to read KuroKaneko Kamen’s article.

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