Where was Piccolo during the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball GT?

Dragon Ball GT
Piccolo’s sacrifice was a heart-wrenching moment for us! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Some fans dislike Dragon Ball GT because of how Piccolo was handled during the Baby Saga. He shows up right after Baby succeeds in taking over Gohan’s body.

And Piccolo has an unconscious Goten under one of his arms. So why didn’t Piccolo fight back or dodge Baby Gohan’s Kamehameha Wave?

How did Baby Gohan get Goten’s body back to Capsule Corp and somehow miss laying an egg inside Piccolo? Unfortunately, we don’t have any in-universe answers.

But we know how the Baby Saga ended!

Dragon Ball GT
Piccolo’s bond with Gohan is one of the best things about the Dragon Ball franchise! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Did Piccolo abandon Goten?

Baby was trying to turn everyone on Earth into a re-born Tsufurian. And we know Namekians aren’t immune because Dende was turned into one.

There’s also the fact that Baby can read his host’s mind. So he knew who Piccolo was when he revealed himself.

He calls him by name and race and says he’s one of the most brilliant fighters in the galaxy. Yet he doesn’t make any onscreen attempts to track him down?

Especially with the two months it took for Goku, Trunks, and Pan to return to Earth with the Black Star Dragon Balls. The ones bound to Piccolo’s life and most likely knowing about the bond between Piccolo and Gohan.

If we assume that Baby has to be the one to lay eggs, then it’s understandable that he’ll miss a few people. He missed Uub and his siblings.

But why wouldn’t Baby track Piccolo down even after taking over Vegeta? It’s an odd choice, and sadly, not even the dramatic end to Episode 40 could salvage it.

Why was he bleeding?

Let’s review what we know about Namekians. First, they have a healing factor; some can use telepathy and only need water to survive.

So why was Piccolo bleeding after Goku uses Instant Transmission but was fine in all previous scenes? If we’re supposed to assume that he’s still wounded from Baby Gohan’s attack.

Why is the wound still bleeding two months later? Piccolo’s life wasn’t bound to the Earth. Either could be destroyed without any repercussions for the other.

Using the Dragon Balls doesn’t harm the Namekian that created them. So why did we see him bleed after he gave Goku his energy?

And why didn’t Piccolo try to contact Goku as soon as they returned to Earth? He could have stopped them from giving the Dragon Balls to Dende.

And with his superior sense of hearing, it would be tough to sneak up on Piccolo. There are a lot of things that could have happened to make the Baby Saga darker.

But unless the powers decide to reboot Dragon Ball GT or re-work it like with Dragon Ball Z Kai. We’ll be lucky if we get some what-if situations in video games.

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