Why Chainsaw Man Season 2 animation quality is worth waiting a year!

Bomb Girl Reze
Will the Bomb Girl arc be adapted by Chainsaw Man Season 2 or a movie? Pic credit: Aku 悪

With only three episodes of Chainsaw Man, fans wonder what’s next for the anime. However, there’s plenty of content to adapt from the manga, and the anime has been doing well.

Chainsaw Man Season 2, or at least another cour, is practically guaranteed, though nothing official has been announced. A Chainsaw Man movie would also be welcome, especially if it adapts the Bomb Devil Arc.

The most obvious timing for an announcement would be at the end of Chainsaw Man Episode 12, which comes out on December 28, 2022, but no one will complain about an early reveal!

Chainsaw Man Bomb Girl Art
Chainsaw Man’s Bomb Devil will test Denji in new ways and cause him to grow. Pic credit: Aku 悪

Why the Bomb Devil will be better as a CSM movie!

If you’re caught up with the anime, you know Denji will do almost anything to please a girl. Although he’s saving his first time with Makima, he did caress Power’s chest and is willing to kill a Devil for a kiss from Himeno.

But that doesn’t mean a new girl won’t stand a chance to win Denji’s heart. And this is one of the things that set the Bomb Devil Arc apart from the others.

I won’t give away major spoilers, but sometime after episode 12, Denji will meet someone who’ll make him rethink things. The problem is that every woman he’s met has tried to kill him except for Makima.

She threatened to put him down as a Devil, so he dodged a death sentence. The Bomb Devil Arc will also pull your heartstrings like Eternity Devil Arc.

It’ll affect Denji’s growth, but you won’t feel like you missed anything even if you don’t watch it. The Bomb Devil Arc has 13 chapters, making it a perfect fit for a movie, and it’ll keep fans satisfied until the Chainsaw Man Season 2 release date in 2024.

Another reason for the Bomb Devil Arc to be a film is that there are over-the-top action scenes with many moving items in the background. A movie budget would ensure that these scenes receive movie quality animation.

Pacing is key!

I read Chainsaw Man Part 1 of the manga series long before I heard about the anime coming out, and it’s an almost perfect adaptation. There are some slight differences, but the somewhat major one was the Muscle Devil Arc.

It should have been right after Denji ordered his food after meeting Makima and the others, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of the anime. Some fans have complained that it’s going too fast, but most of the fights have been lengthier than the manga.

Part 1 has 97 chapters, and the anime has been adapting 3.5 chapters per episode, not counting the first one. So there’s no way MAPPA will rush through several arcs and give us a lousy ending with low animation quality.

But Chainsaw Man isn’t the only project MAPPA is working on in 2022 and 2023. Yes, it’s frustrating waiting for our favorite series to continue, but here’s a list of some of the other projects MAPPA is working on!

And they’ve done an amazing job of bringing all of these stories to life in the animated format. But one thing we know for certain is that animation quality can be negatively impacted by rushed production scheduling, so it’s better for anime fans if we need to wait a year to watch Chainsaw Man Season 2.

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