Why the Future Devil is perfect for Aki! [Chainsaw Man Manga Spoilers]

Chainsaw Man Episode 3 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 3 ED video screenshot. Pic credit: MAPPA

Seeing the future is an awesome ability, but can Aki make the most of it? And what happens if it doesn’t matter?

Aki is about to make his third Devil Contract in the anime, and there’s a lot we don’t know about the Future Devil. So how did it get captured?

What else is keeping it in that room, and what other Devils are locked up in that warehouse? Finally, who decided that Aki should make a contract with the Future Devil?

Chainsaw Man
The Future Rules! Pic credit: MAPPA

Fear the Future!

Although we’ve just glimpsed the Future Devil in episode 10, we’ve seen this one in the Chainsaw Man opening! But how is the Future Devil stronger than the Fox Devil?

Seeing a glimpse of the future in a fight is handy, but not if you’re too slow to act on it. And how much is the future set in stone?

Suppose Aki does see a way to defeat the Gun Devil. Unfortunately, that’s not going to help him dodge a bullet.

But at least the Future Devil’s personality is interesting. The Future Devil is dancing for a reason, and even the manga readers aren’t immune.

Is it possible that the Future Devil let itself get caught? And where are the other two contractors?

Why didn’t Aki ask for more information before entering the room, and why wasn’t he allowed to choose his own Devil? Most importantly, will we see Aki use the Future Devil in episode 11 or 12?

Aki is the best big brother!

Aki may have undergone the most character development in Chainsaw Man. He starts hating Devils and Fiends, either wanting to kill them or use them as tools.

But he eventually bonded with Denji and Power. He hasn’t forgotten his original goal, but he isn’t letting revenge define him.

We saw this during the fight with the Eternity Devil and when Power started living with Aki and Denji. He didn’t have to send Meowy to a vet after the battle with the Bat Devil.

Nor does he have to cook and clean for his housemates. Aki’s continued exposure to Denji and Power has made him a better person.

Losing Himeno and learning the truth about her made him a better person. Aki is willing to sacrifice his lifespan for others, which will be a double-edged sword.

Because we don’t know how far the Future Devil can see things. But we know how far Aki will go in pursuit of his goals.

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