Yamoto: One Piece 1051 reveals Luffy’s 10th Straw Hat Pirate crew member?

Strawhat pirates from One piece
Strawhats are ready for action in One Piece. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One Piece chapter 1051 spoilers are out, and everyone is losing their minds as the spoilers reveal that Yamato tells the crew that she will join them on their ship!

As someone who has been a Yamato fan since she was first introduced, I am ecstatic.

For a lot of us, Yamato joining the crew has been more of a when rather than if scenario. There have been a lot of instances in Wano that have pointed toward Yamato joining the crew.

In the first interaction between Yamato and Luffy, Yamato said it was only logical for her to travel in Ace’s little brother’s ship (Chapter 985). Even in her fight against Kaido, Yamato reiterated that she would set out to sea with Luffy (Chapter 1016).

Yamato from One Piece
Yamato in Wano. Pic credit: Toei Animation

This scene of Yamato asking to join the strawhats can go two ways. The first one is that Luffy will simply say yes, and she becomes a strawhat.

The second could be Yamato wanting to join the crew as Oden, but Luffy refusing her and asking her to join him as Yamato instead. This could be an interesting character moment for Yamato.

I can totally see Luffy making the same face as Whitebeard did when Oden wanted to join his crew. That would be hilarious!

Will Carrot join the crew?

If Yamato joins the crew, Luffy will have 10 members in his crew already. And in Chapter 1, Luffy says that he will find 10 members for his crew. Does that mean Carrot will not join the crew?

I personally believe Carrot will also join the crew. She already has her role on the ship as a lookout.

The official translation of the 10 member line is this:

First things first. I’ve got to get a crew. I think about 10 men should do.

Even though with Carrot, we’ll have 11 members in the crew, you can still count it as “about 10”. But who knows, maybe Carrot will not join the crew, and there will only be 10 members.

Yamato’s role in the crew

We don’t know what Yamato’s role on the ship will be. Maybe she will just be a powerful warrior in the crew, or maybe she will be the log keeper and maintain a journal as Oden did on Roger’s crew.

Whatever the case may be, I’m excited to see my favourite Oni aboard the Thousand Sunny.

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