Your Forma review: Best light novel I’ve read in Summer 2022!

Your Forma
Your Forma shows what happens when technology is meant to save you at the cost of your privacy. Pic credit: Mareho Kikuishi

Since working at Anime Geek, I’ve been introduced to countless amazing stories. I usually prefer reading manga, but the light novel for Your Forma is fantastic!

There’s very little info-dumping, and each chapter captures your attention and doesn’t let go. So if you like alternate sci-fi stories, don’t pass Your Forma over.

Your Forma
Can Echiaka and Harold solve the case? Pic credit: Mareho Kikuishi

What makes Your Forma special?

In a different 2023, humanity has overcome many obstacles. Not only can you use social media and the internet, and have an android that looks like a human to help you.

But you can do this without buying a new computer, phone, or anything that connects to Wi-Fi again. Instead, you need to get an operation to have a smart thread implanted into your brain.

It’s perfectly safe until people figure out how to hack it, and you wind up getting sick or dying. But luckily, there’s a way for people to help you.

The Electrocrime Investigators can go into your brain and discover how you got sick and catch the one responsible before anyone else gets hurt. The only problem is they’ll be able to see and hear everything.

Everything you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, and feel will be seen, and you may be unable to refuse. Enter Echika and Harlod, the Investigators in charge of catching criminals who use technology against us.

Physical vs. Digital

One of the overarching themes in Your Forma is what defines “real.” The androids are called Amicus, and Harlod is one.

And Echika hates Amicus for reasons that will be explained near the end of volume one. But many people hate Amicus, and others take most forms of technology as disgusting and unnecessary.

The most extreme cases are called “Luddites,” and they see Amicus as robots. Everything they say and do is based on programming.

They exist to serve humans; thus, they don’t deserve rights or to be treated as equals. Echika isn’t as bad, but her dissatisfaction with working with Harlod is apparent and carries on for most of the book.

But the ending makes everything tie together beautifully, and I can’t wait to read the next one! If you buy an ebook copy, I recommend reading Your Forma on a big screen.

I use the Kindle app on my phone, which shows the pictures and the story well. But the character bios at the front were too small for me to read, and Your Forma is a story you want to have all of your information.

A keen will tell you who the mastermind of book one is, but their motive is cleverly hidden behind the scenes until the end. If you’d like to read more about Your Forma, please click the link to my article about it here.

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