Bayonetta 3 ‘Ways of the Witch’ 8-minute gameplay trailer revealed

Bayonetta winks and stands in front of a metropolitan area in Bayonetta 3.
Bayonetta is everyone’s favorite video game witch. And if she isn’t, she should be! Pic credit: PlatinumGames/Nintendo

Our favorite Umbra Witch — Bayonetta — returns for another insanely action-packed adventure! On September 13, 2022, we got a glimpse of Bayonetta 3 during the Nintendo Direct reveal. And what this gameplay trailer showed left us deeply impressed with the game’s well-implemented combat system.

But that shouldn’t surprise us, as PlatinumGames — the game developer behind NieR: Automata — knows a thing or two about crafting fun and intricate combat systems. And since one of the founders of PlatinumGames — Hideki Kamiya — also worked on Capcom’s Devil May Cry series, Bayonetta was always going to turn out great!

Furthermore, Hideki Kamiya oversees the world and story of the latest chapter, and it seems that Bayonetta will continue exhibiting style, flair, and a brash attitude in copious amounts.

Our fashionably late witch will make her way to the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022. And we can’t think of a better game to play during Halloween than Bayonetta 3. If you’re not yet excited about this release, watch the trailer below to see why it’s a bit special:

But isn’t Bayonetta 3 just an over-glorified beat-’em-up?

If you’ve already seen the trailer, you may think it’s nothing more than a mindless button masher. But since this is a Hideki Kamiya game, it’s anything but that. And that’s because Kamiya always adds multiple layers of depth to his combat systems and other gameplay mechanics.

Bayonetta, standing inside a train and facing oncoming enemies in Bayonetta 3.
Bayonetta will fight anywhere, even inside trains. Pic credit: PlatinumGames/Nintendo

Forget about the simple combo systems present in River City Girls Zero. Bayonetta can pull off kicks, punches, and fire guns seamlessly with the right button combinations. And it’s possible to initiate and cancel these attacks while on the ground or in the air. Moreover, when Bayonetta dodges timeously, this activates Witch Time, which slows down time and opens up opportunities to deal additional damage.

All in all, Bayonetta moves around the playfield fluidly and rapidly, even when engaged in combat. And even when she encounters large and challenging enemies, she can summon demons to deal with them. However, this consumes magic, so it’s best to summon demons sparingly during longer battles.

And there are also many ways to devastate enemies before finishing them off. Bayonetta can initiate demon combo finishers, torture attacks, and summon demons together with Witch Time. And to add a dramatic twist, she can change her appearance with Demon Masquerade and unleash catastrophic Masquerade Rage attacks.

Will this ‘climax action’ game come to other platforms? 

Viola from Bayonetta 3 appears in front of a blood moon.
Viola is the new but mysterious character that has fans asking questions. Pic credit: PlatinumGames/Nintendo

To date, Bayonetta 3 remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive. And that’s a shame, as the Switch’s age and technical limitations are apparent. We can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the lighting, textures, and visual effects present in the latest Bayonetta 3 trailer — even though the gameplay is on point.

Therefore, we’d like to see this game make its way to the PC and the other more powerful consoles. Likewise, we’d like to see the same happen with Bayonetta 2. But Kamiya has reportedly mentioned that he wants to continue developing the series, so Bayonetta 4 will likely come out in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned!

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