Berserk Chapter 371 online to read, English fan translation of manga leak reveals Guts doing a Dragon Ball Yamcha

Guts is in a deep state of despair in a scene from Berserk Chapter 371.
GUTS!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Guts literally got Yamcha’d by his depression. Pic credit: Young Animal Magazine/Hakusensha

The long-awaited Berserk Chapter 371 will finally appear in Young Animal Issue 24 on December 9, 2022. We reported on this chapter on October 12, 2022, and even made some predictions. But this chapter was leaked by ReadSeinen and fan-translated into English more than 24 hours before the official release on December 7, 2022. 

We recommend that fans wait for the official English release if they don’t want the story spoiled. And since this is a fan translation, it may have errors that impact its accuracy relative to the source material. Ultimately, we feel it’s better to support the staff and publishing company behind these upcoming Berserk chapters so that it will be worthwhile for them to produce more.

And while we don’t think Berserk will ever go away, since it’s one of the best — if not the best — dark fantasy manga out there, it will still need continued fan support. But we know many of you are curious about this latest chapter since it was a very long two-month wait for only 18 pages!

We won’t spoil it for you, but we will reveal a few tidbits about Berserk Chapter 371. For one, the quality of the artwork remains high, and fans will spend significant time admiring each panel. Secondly, Guts finds himself in deep despair (again!!), and an old nemesis appears. And thirdly, it’s short but dramatic enough to keep fans on edge.

We will admit that it feels a bit anti-climatic, but expect events to start unfolding in Berserk Chapter 372. Also, the pacing seems a little too drawn out for our liking. And while it didn’t quite match our predictions — given the short duration of this chapter — some of these will likely happen in the future.

How did fans react to the Berserk Chapter 371 fan translation? 

We all know that Berserk fans are hardcore and remain enthusiastic about this series, even though Kentaro Miura has passed away. Moreover, fans had the following to say soon after ReadSeinen’s announcement:

But what if you can read Japanese?

Then, we recommend you pick up a copy of Hakusensha’s Young Animal Issue 24. While it will be widely available in Japan, you can still order it online and have it delivered to your country. Online stores, such as Amazon, CDJapan, Magazine Cafe Store, Playasia, YesAsia, and ZenMarket, all stock issues of Young Animal Magazine.

Griffith staring in a scene from Berserk Chapter 371.
Griffith, Berserk’s resident a*****e! Pic credit: Young Animal Magazine/Hakusensha

Prices range widely but expect to pay between US$9,99 to US$14,99 (excluding shipping and customs duties) in most cases. Apart from making for a cool collectible, this is yet another way to support the Berserk manga. And like many Berserk fans, we eagerly await the Berserk Chapter 372 release date and other announcements based on the series. Stay tuned!

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