Kentaro Miura’s death was 1 year ago: Berserk ending released by manga fans in lieu of Young Animal’s silence

Young Animal 2021 No 18 Berserk Memorial Issue

Today on the first anniversary of Kentaro Miura’s death fans are remembering and honoring the loss of one of the greatest mangaka in history – the creator of our beloved dark fantasy epic manga series Berserk. The questions on everyone’s mind today, are once again: “Will the official Berserk manga continue?” “Will Guts finally get … Read more

Top 20 anime from the 1990s that bring instant nostalgia

A close-up image of the cast of the 90s anime Cowboy Bebop.

The 1990s was a great decade for anime. Between the early days of the manga boom and the emergence of VHS, for many anime fans, this was the best time to be alive. In fact, many of the anime series that were released during the 90s are still relevant today, with many maintaining a solid … Read more