Berserk Gacha for sale in Japan, prize details and winning probability revealed

Hakusensha's official promo artwork for the Berserk Gacha lottery.
Berserk fans may strike it lucky at Hakusensha’s Official Web Lottery Manpuku Gacha. Pic credit: Hakusensha

Fantasy fans that want to get hold of exclusive Guts illustrations should register for the Berserk Gacha. Hakusensha launched the Official WEB Lottery Manpuku Gacha, offering fans opportunities to win Berserk merchandise. 

The lottery launched on November 11, 2022, and will end on December 26, 2022. So, there’s still time for fans located in Japan to make purchases. But what about fans that live outside of Japan; will they enjoy some Berserk Gacha goodness this holiday season? Yes, but only if they use Tenso, a forwarding service that delivers internationally. 

It costs 880 yen (approximately US$6,70) to make a purchase and a 660 yen (US$5) delivery charge for the first purchase, and zero fees for subsequent purchases (Japan only). And orders will be shipped to customers early to mid-March 2023.

All major credit cards are accepted for both Japanese and international orders. But Japanese customers may also use the following mobile payment platforms: au PAY, Docomo, and SoftBank.

Which Berserk Gacha prizes are available, and how do fans win these?

Skull Knight comic plate from the Berserk Gacha lottery.
This cool-looking comic plate featuring Skull Knight could be yours if you try out this gacha lottery. Pic credit: Hakusensha

There’s a variable winning probability for each group of Berserk Gacha prizes, which works as follows:

  • Prize A: Two types of A5 high-definition character illustrations in color (1% probability).
  • Prize B: Two types of cosmic plates featuring Guts and Skull Knight (9% probability).
  • Prize C: Five types of large frame magnets with color illustrations featuring Guts, Guts and Casca, Black Swordsman Party A, Black Swordsman Party B, and Griffith (25% probability).  
  • Prize D: Eight types of acrylic clips featuring illustrations and portraits of Bearded Skeleton, Casca’s ego fragment, Chicchi, Guts, Griffith, Onihei, Pack A, and Pack B (30% probability).
  • Prize E: 16 types of laminated sticky notes featuring Guts, Griffith, Casca, Pippin, Serpico, Skull Knight, Wyald, Zod, and several variants. 

Furthermore, ten lucky fans will have an opportunity to win a ceramic mug with a rough illustration of Guts via the lottery. And a purchase privilege after ten consecutive times for the wooden keychain packs.

Should overseas Berserk fans bother with these prizes?

Fans who crave exclusive Berserk merchandise should consider giving this gacha lottery a go. But only after successfully setting up a Tenso account and credit card payment.

A sample of a sticky note with an illustration of Wyald from the Berserk Gacha lottery.
A sample of a sticky note with an illustration of Wyald. Pic credit: Hakusensha

For those that miss out, there could be other options available. There’s a possibility that these goods will make their way (via third parties) onto Yahoo! JAPAN Auction, Amazon Japan, eBay, Mercari, Rakuten, and other similar sites. So, search on these sites, and if necessary, use a proxy service such as Buyee to get hold of your Berserk Gacha. Happy shopping!

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