Berserk Golden Age MEMORIAL EDITION Uncensored Blu-ray Box reveals 13 episode total, Femto key visual

An illustration of Guts for the Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition.
An illustration by character designer and chief animation director Naoyuki Onda features Guts. Pic credit:

The mysterious countdown at the Berserk Golden Age MEMORIAL EDITION website has ended! But what was this big reveal that had Berserk fans scurrying around the internet for nuggets of information? And was the long countdown worth the wait?! The short answer is no, but it could also be a yes — if you’re a hardcore Berserk fan.

Here’s the deal, we expected something more from this reveal, like an announcement of a new series, a reboot, or even a film production in the works. Or something earth-shattering occurring in episode 11 related to the Elipse.

But, sadly, that’s not what happened! Instead, we received confirmation of the Berserk Golden Age MEMORIAL EDITION Blu-ray Box, scheduled for release on March 29, 2023.

Nowadays, many Berserk fans — and anime fans — prefer to watch via streaming services. So this news felt entirely anticlimactic. But it’s not all bad if you collect blu-rays of your favorite shows, and Berserk is a firm favorite among many.

The blu-ray box will feature all 13 episodes of the original uncensored version of Berserk Golden Age MEMORIAL EDITION. This is the same version shown on distribution services and not terrestrial broadcasting.

Furthermore, it will include bonus material, such as an interview with Kentaro Miura, only previously screened in The Great Berserk Exhibition. And non-credit OPED videos performed by Susumu Hirasawa and Mika Nakashima.

The Full Production Limited Edition box will set fans back 39,600 yen (approximately US$290). While that’s a bit steep, it does feature three blu-ray discs, the soundtrack on three CDs, a special memorial box, and a luxurious booklet featuring illustrations and animation setting materials.

Femto key visual revealed

A key visual featuring Femto accompanied the announcement of Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition Blu-ray Box. It looks good and quite ominous with the Eclipse occurring in the background, which you can view below:

Berserk Femto
This Berserk Femto visual was released on December 10, 2022. Pic credit:

Should fans splash out on the Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition Blu-ray Box?

That’s a tough call, given the high cost of this blu-ray box. If you regularly collect limited and collector’s edition blu-rays, then this is definitely for you. But if you’re already enjoying the series via a streaming service, there’s little incentive to purchase this blu-ray box.

An illustration of Griffith for the Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition.
Naoyuki Onda’s illustration of Griffith for the Memorial Edition. Pic credit:

And since the 13th episode will air on December 24, 2022, it’s possible that Berserk Season 3 could be announced on that day. Well, at least, we’re hoping that’s the case, and that’s worth getting excited about. Stay tuned!

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