Can humans survive in the gravity of King Kai’s planet from Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z
Walking like Bubbles might have been a good idea. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Ten times might not seem like much, but for Earthlings, it matters! Goku has several things going for him when he arrives on King Kai’s planet.

He’s already dead, and he’s a Saiyan. But how did Vegeta and Nappa reach Earth in 11 months?

And is it possible to survive in 10 x gravity?

Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta practically lives in the Gravity Room! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Catch that monkey!

Goku only spent three episodes on King Kai’s planet. And the training he underwent appears to be simple.

His first task is to catch Bubbles and get used to moving in 10 x gravity. The second task was to smack Gregory with a metal mallet!

It took him roughly one month to complete each task. And he was wearing weighted gear as well.

But is it possible for humans to pull off a similar feat? Only if you trained diligently and set your sights on less than 5 x gravity! Unfortunately, scientific studies have shown that the average human body could not withstand gravity greater than 5 x without passing out.

Humans can adapt to many things, and the increasing gravity will make you heavier. So, using weights should help with that.

But not on the same level as a Saiyan. Science hasn’t proven that humans can survive for a long amount of time in double Earth’s gravity or higher.

At best, it depends on how physically fit you are, how quickly gravity is increasing, and if you’re wearing special gear. It also depends on how long your body is exposed to increased gravity.

Vegeta practically lives in the Gravity Room!

Goku spent the trip from Earth to Namek training in 100 x gravity. Vegeta would eventually request/demand a 300 x gravity room be made for him.

Kid Trunks could move with difficulty in 150 x gravity in his base form. But he was jumping and running around once he turned Super Saiyan.

Gravity Rooms do exist in real life, but they work differently. For example, astronauts use them to train themselves to experience no gravity and prepare for acceleration to escape Earth.

Some theories suggest building a space station to work the same way as Gravity Rooms in the Dragon Ball franchise. But it’s not likely we’ll see one made anytime soon.

You can safely enjoy increased gravity by visiting theme parks, though! Roller coasters are constantly becoming more complicated.

And other attractions are working on safe ways to scare you. And you won’t have to fight anyone to use them!

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