Legendary programmer Uemura Tatsuya reveals his top 5 Toaplan games, updated PC ports confirmed

Boss battle scene from Truxton II made by Toaplan.

Recently, Uemura Tatsuya revealed his best five Toaplan shoot-’em-ups via his U-Brand YouTube channel. This video is a follow-up on a personal ranking that appeared in a video by Shmup Junkie — a YouTuber that predominantly covers arcade and shoot-’em-up games. Uemura further elaborates on why he picked these five titles. He states that these … Read more

Berserk countdown timer ending in 2022: Will Lost Children Chapter, Conviction Arc get an anime remake?

Lost Children Chapter colored page

The Berserk countdown has begun! On October 1, 2022, the official website for the currently airing Berserk: The Golden Arc – Memorial Edition anime launched a mysterious timer that ends on December 11, 2022. You can see the countdown timer here. Berserk fans have already begun speculating on what this new Berserk project might be. … Read more

Why the Orient anime is worth watching! [Review]

musashi from orient trailer

Orient’s first season is over, and due to the manga continuing, there’s a good chance we’ll eventually see a second season. I’m not going to lie. The main reason I got into Orient is that Shinobu Ohtaka created this. Ohtaka created Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, one of my favorite series! I came in with … Read more