Another manga is the perfect companion to the anime and novels! [Review]


Another is one of my favorite horror franchises, and I couldn’t resist reading the manga. I tried to find the live-action movie, but there’s no official English sub-version. So, I did the next best thing and looked up reviews. Unfortunately, they’re not promising, which is disappointing, considering Another would be perfect for a live-action adaptation. … Read more

Housing Complex C Episode 4: The End of the Line is fantastic, and I want more of this Cthulhu Mythos! [Review]

Housing Complex C

Let me start with: I CALLED IT! Misdirection in episode 1, the creepy images of Yuri during the opening song, and Kimi being more than she seems. I’m giving myself a 2.5 since the anime went overboard with hinting at Kimi’s importance. But I didn’t see Yuri’s mother being an active participant in the craziness. … Read more