Housing Complex C Episode 4: The End of the Line is fantastic, and I want more of this Cthulhu Mythos! [Review]

Housing Complex C
As if having monsters and an unbearable heat to deal with wasn’t enough. Now we have to worry about people turning into moss? Pic credit: Akatsuki

Let me start with: I CALLED IT! Misdirection in episode 1, the creepy images of Yuri during the opening song, and Kimi being more than she seems.

I’m giving myself a 2.5 since the anime went overboard with hinting at Kimi’s importance. But I didn’t see Yuri’s mother being an active participant in the craziness.

Nor did I notice the sacrificial dagger is in plain view in episode 2! Rubel’s status is unclear, but I believe he’s the one calling Kan at the end of the episode.

Although some details aren’t fully explained, I don’t think they need to be. Housing Complex C didn’t go the traditional Call of Cthulhu route, and I love it!

Housing Complex C
Three episodes down, and Rubel is the only smart one. Is Kimi somehow to blame for what’s happing? Pic credit: Akatsuki

It’s the End of the Line, but is it goodbye?

During my reviews of the first three episodes of Housing Complex C, I broke down the scenes as best I could remember. But I’m not going to do that this time.

Because the only things that need to be noted are Kimi giving Koba, Taka’s notebook, her final words to Kan, and giving him the stone Taka found in episode 1, and she calls him “her dear Kan.” This is the only time she’s referred to someone as “dear and hers.”

We also have the revelation of the entire Koshide family being descendants of the fish people and killing everyone to turn them into human sacrifices. Sadly, Koba is killed just as he decides to save Kimi, but Kan survives!

And there’s a theory about why Kan is dear to Kimi and what this could mean for a potential continuation or future Cthulhu Mythos anime! But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Is it wrong that I found Yuri’s death at Kimi’s hands satisfying? I understand that Yuri was raised to be this way, and she, like her father, didn’t show any signs of remorse for killing these people.

But she made a massive mistake in revealing her true intentions to Kimi before she could strike! If Yuri had waited until they were inside the hidden room, she could have taken her time calming Kimi down and snuck up on her to improve her chances.

This also could’ve resulted in Kimi sparing her since she quickly turned the tables and revealed she could’ve killed everyone at any time! I loved watching Kimi during the final part of the episode.

She pours her mother, still looking like an embryo, on Yuri’s head, then steps on it to turn Mommy into moss. But who or what is Kimi?

Theory time!

The funny thing about the Cthulhu Mythos is that there are no complex rules involved. Nothing is forbidden; you can make your version, and it’ll still qualify.

We know the god Yuri’s family and the fish people were trying to resurrect is Cthulhu. But Kimi refers to him in several ways.

All these can mean children: scion, progeny, and brood, but why didn’t Kimi say her child then? Because these terms can also mean generations of direct descendants.

I couldn’t find a being that perfectly matches everything Kimi says, her motif, and her motivation. Kimi is seen wearing a cat-themed dress and Bas, based on the Egyptian goddess of cats, is a member of the Elder Gods.

But the Elder Gods are the enemies of The Great Old Ones, or Great Ones, which Cthulhu is. So, no amount of offerings or sacrifices would be enough to make Bas revive/awaken Cthulhu.

Some beings can grant immortality, and one candidate for growing moss. But I believe that Kimi’s true identity is Asathoth.

Ruler of the Outer Gods, Nuclear Chaos, Daemon Sultan, Blind Idiot God, and the great-great-grandfather of Cthulhu, different authors have made versions of him. Still, the consensus is: he created everything and must always stay asleep.

Because if he ever wakes up, everything gets wiped out! Thomas Ligotti wrote several books referencing Azathoth by a different name.

In Nethescurial, he depicts a malevolent creator deity that was worshipped on a small island. The being begins infiltrating the narrator’s life through a manuscript about the cult on the island.

Now, as to why Kan is “dear” to Kimi, this theory also plays with a classic from the Cthulhu Mythos. A Deep One hybrid.

Deep Ones are a race of immortal beings with a long history of interbreeding with humans. They serve Father Dagon and Mother Hydra and often praise Cthulhu.

Final thoughts

Being a Deep One hybrid doesn’t make Kan a bad person. On the contrary, genes can skip generations, and Kan’s appearance, walking, and interactions with people can point to this.

Kan’s protectiveness of Kimi could also be his instincts willing him to serve her, so she’ll wake up Cthulhu. The Deep Ones have underwater cities all across the globe.

But we’ll have to wait and see if anything changes. Housing Complex C has met all of my expectations.

The beginning was good, we got crucial information at a decent pace, and the ending was satisfying. I’m watching the Halloween marathon on October 29, 2022.

I’ll binge the entire season, and say goodbye to Kimi. We need more horror anime/content like this.

Too many franchises rely on gore, sexual violence, and plain shock factor. Sometimes these things are handled well.

But Housing Complex C reminds us of another way. What do you do when you’re up against a god?

A being that can do whatever they want, and you have no way of knowing if it’ll kill you. Will you be like Koba, and wish to protect Kimi?

Or will you be like Yuri? Who might have been able to survive if she’d been a bit smarter?

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