Chainsaw Man Chapter 115 shows signs of the Eternity Devil working for Famine! [Review]

Chainsaw Man
Himeno and Aki get a good look at the Eternity Devil. Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Chapter 115 didn’t have much in the way of a plot. The fake Chainsaw Man is guilt-tripping Asa.

And he admitted to being fake and proving he didn’t know what he was doing because it doesn’t matter who’s in the Devil-Hunting Club or who knows more. Denji knows it’s the Eternity Devil.

But it still hasn’t made a move!

Chainsaw Man
The third Horseman has appeared! But is she as nice as she seems? Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

A pause for character development?

Chainsaw Man part 1 was constantly doing something. The tension rarely dropped, characters developed organically, and Makima pulled everyone’s strings!

But not much has happened since Asa, Denji, and the Devil-Hunting Club have been trapped in the aquarium. Chainsaw Man Chapter 114 showed some promise, but no one has asked Denji how he knows it’s the Eternity Devil.

That seems reasonable, even if you don’t believe Denji is Chainsaw Man. Hirofumi reveals he has a cell phone to Denji, but getting a signal isn’t enough to call for help.

Yet he doesn’t bother to share this information with the rest of the group. Leaving Asa feeling guilty and useless.

I did enjoy how the chapter ended. Denji finds Asa sitting in a tank with starfish and asks how she’s doing.

Asa apologized for inviting him on a date and revealed she was trying to turn him into a weapon and that she’s always trying to avoid making mistakes. But Denji asks what she’s muttering about and sits in the tank with her.

It’s not clear if Denji is only pretending not to have heard her. But when Asa reminds him that she can’t eat fish, he immediately picks up a starfish and asks if she’s tried one!

Is hunger the only way out?

Devils lose their memories every time they die and are reborn in Hell. But the Eternity Devil’s tactics are slightly different here.

It hasn’t tried to scare them even though they know they’re trapped. In part 1, it showed itself as a head with feet almost right away.

So why is it staying hidden? I believe Famine brought it here to “help” Asa and Yoru create weapons.

As to why Denji is the first choice, and if it can work given Denji is Chainsaw Man, are slightly skewed. Denji has revealed he’s Chainsaw Man to Asa and Yoru but does Famine know?

And if so, why wouldn’t she tell Asa and Yoru? Is Famine watching events from outside Eternity Devil?

Or has she taken Yoru farther down the hall?

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