Chainsaw Man Episode 12 was everything we could want! (Review)

Chainsaw Man
The final face-off between Aki and the Ghost Devil. Pic credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man Episode 12: Katana vs. Chainsaw was the best way to end the arc and tease Chainsaw Man Season 2 or a movie. We get conclusions, a chance for the characters to relax, and see that Makima is pleased with the situation.

And why shouldn’t she be? Thanks to this operation, they finally have enough of the Gun Devil’s flesh to locate the rest of its body!

But how long will we wait until we see more Chainsaw Man on our screens?

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 ending video screenshot featuring Denji, Aki, Power, and Meowy eating dinner together. Pic credit: MAPPA

Aki vs. Ghost Devil, Power vs. zombies, and Katana vs. Chainsaw!

Why did Ghost drop Aki? Akane ordered it to choke him to death in Episode 11, yet he’s on the floor in Episode 12.

And where was it hiding that cigarette? I loved this part in the manga, and watching it unfold in the anime was a treat.

Aki remembers some of his time with Himeno, and the Ghost Devil is just standing there with one of its hands in a fist. We learned that the Ghost Devil doesn’t have eyes but reacts to Aki.

It waited until Aki controlled his breathing before opening its hand and offering him the cigarette. And did nothing to stop Aki from taking it, climbing up its body, and killing it.

How Aki did this isn’t clear, but it looked cool! And getting over one’s fear isn’t the same as being able to touch a ghost.

But once the battle is over, Kobeni gets the drop on Akane! Meanwhile, Denji and Power are riding the elevator.

They encounter a group of zombies on the 7th floor, and Power decides to attack them. She expected Denji to have her back and sing her praises.

But he did the smart thing and stayed on the elevator until finding the Katana Man and two nameless Yakuza on the 10th floor. I love how Denji listened to what Katana Man was saying but refused to feel guilty over killing his grandfather and the other Yakuza.

Denji did nothing wrong when he killed the zombified Yakuza. And it’s refreshing to see this mindset in a main character.

What happens next?

Akane dies to the Snake Devil before she can be questioned. But we still have Katana Man! And a massive mass of the Gun Devil’s flesh to boot.

But where is the Gun Devil’s main body? And who is the mystery woman at the end of the episode?

It’s never a good sign when a mysterious character knows our main character’s name. Plus, she wondered if Denji would rather be a Country Mouse or a City Mouse.

Will she be a friend or another enemy? And will Aki take the “Easy Revenge” to heart? You can see he’s grown closer to Denji and Power during the ending song.

They go shopping for dinner and hang out. Something that would have been impossible at the start of Chainsaw Man.

But will this family survive an encounter with the Gun Devil?

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