Chainsaw Man release date in October 2022 confirmed

Denji as the chainsaw demon in the Chainsaw Man trailer
Denji as the chainsaw demon in the Chainsaw Man trailer. Pic credit: MAPPA studio

The officially-confirmed Chainsaw Man release date is on October 11, the Fall 2022 anime season.

On September 7, 2022, at 9:00 pm central, @CHAINSAWMAN_PR on Twitter confirmed the release date of the Chainsaw Man Episode 1. It will air on TV TOKYO and other stations on October 11, 2022, at 24:00.

Prime Video will have the fastest delivery — at 25:00. For those unfamiliar with the confusing time zones, Chainsaw Man will air at 12:00 am JST for TV TOKYO and at 1:00 am for Prime Video.

The 11th of October is a Tuesday, and Crunchyroll has licensed the anime to stream outside of Asia. According to, the first episode is titled “Dog and Chainsaw,” just like the first manga chapter.

Chainsaw Man 3D
The key visual from Studio MAPPA’s Chainsaw Man anime announcement. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

Who needs sleep this October?

October is the heart of the spooky season, and it’s my birthday month! And Chainsaw Man in any form makes a beautiful present.

Part 2 of the manga is getting its first book on October 4, 2022, and VIZ already has the newest chapters translated for us to read. There’s so much to look forward to with Chainsaw Man!

If you haven’t read the manga or seen the trailers, let me assure you a late-night slot is needed, especially since the anime will not be censored and will stay faithful to the manga. Chainsaw Man may have cute characters but I wouldn’t let the kids watch or read it.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on how many episodes the series will have or whether Chainsaw Man will be a split-cour. However, since the manga has 97 chapters in part 1, it’s a given we’ll have a long season.

Denji may be the dumbest, but he’s predictable

Despite Denji’s world being slightly different from ours, his situation can relate to many other people’s. He’s forced to pay back the Yakuza to cover his father’s debt.

He’ll do literally anything — from selling his organs to killing devils to pay it off. Life is hard, but at least he has Pochita to help him.

Denji suffers his first of many betrayals and throws himself into a dangerous game with some coaxing from Makima… and food.

Denji is a typical skirt-chaser with a love of food (or anything edible, for that matter). He’s a good boy and deserves so much more than what he gets in the end.

Still, the Chainsaw Man Part 2 promises its own cast of wacky characters to keep things interesting!

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