Detective Conan Movie 26 has been announced for 2023!

Detective Conan Movie 26
What will happen in the latest Detective Conan movie? Pic credit: Detective Conan Movie 26 production committee

On November 7, 2022, the OfficalTohoMovie YouTube channel uploaded a teaser trailer for Detective Conan Movie 26! Unfortunately, we don’t have a title, but Ai Haibara appears to play an important role.

The release date, cast, and staff haven’t been announced yet, but we have some clues! But will we be able to solve the case before the movie comes out?

Detective Conan Movie 26
Fans are extricated for an Ai Haibara-focused film! Pic credit: Detective Conan Movie 26 production committee

There is only one truth!

Also known as Cased Closed, Detective Conan is one of the most famous detective shows from 1996. In addition, there have been 25 movies, a couple of crossovers with Lupin the Third, and the manga is up to 102 volumes!

In the trailer, we see Ai Haibara and the voice of Gin saying, “I wanted to meet you again, Sherry.” Which is a quote from chapter 241 and episode 178.

The scene is also an updated version of the teaser shown during the revival of Detective Conan Movie 25: The Bride of Halloween. But what do Sherry and Gin have to do with a drowning Ai?

Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Detective Conan, drew the drowning Haibara visual and is from the Aoyama Movie Poster. Fans will enjoy the full effect in the Weekly Shonen Jump Sunday issue #1/2023.

Which is scheduled to come out in late November/early December 2022. Haibara’s voice asks for someone to help/save her, and one of the kanji in the trailer is Kuro.

The Japanese word for black, and there are hints that the word submarine will also be in the title. So will Movie 26 be called Black Submarine, or are we being misled?

Another fun fact to consider is that every Detective Conan movie has come out in Japanese theaters in April. So will Japanese fans get to enjoy the new film during Golden Week, April 29-May 5?

Who is Ai Haibara?

This part will contain massive spoilers if you haven’t seen or read Detective Conan/Case Closed. You can watch on Netflix and Crunchyroll; some movies have been released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Ai Haibara’s real name is Shiho Miyano, and she is the one who developed the drug that turned Shinichi Kudo into a child. And she winds up being one of the drug’s victims as well.

Formally known as Sherry of the Black Organization, the main villains of the Detective Conan franchise. Ai is also known as Vi Graythorn in the movies, Anita Haily in the mangas, and in the video game.

Perhaps the Kuro is a nod to the Black Organization, but does this mean Gin will kill Ai? Will Ai sell out Shinichi to save her life?

What are your thoughts on Detective Conan Movie 26? Leave a comment, and let’s uncover the one truth together!

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