Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89 was hilarious! [Review]

Dragon Ball Super
Trunks and Goten saved the day. But Dr. Hedo isn’t done yet! Pic credit: Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro

Although most of the leaks were accurately translated, we did get a few surprises. For example, VIZ Media’s translation for Trunks’ little sister’s name is Bra instead of Bulla.

And our mysterious new transfer student’s name is spelled two different ways. And Dr. Hedo was the highlight of the chapter.

I didn’t like the beginning, and it seems like Mai forgot about Future Trunks. It’s unclear as she says it feels like she remembers something from a long time ago.

Dragon Ball Super
It’s time for Trunks and Goten to shine! Pic credit: Akira Toriyama and Toyatarou

The problem with the transfer students

I’ve already covered the leaks, and they’re at the beginning of the chapter. So if you like more details, please click here.

For this article, I will focus on the new transfer student, Baytah. Also known as Beta 1 and is the latest android created by Dr. Hedo.

Given that this chapter takes place a few days after the previous one. This implies that Dr. Hedo was already working on Beta 1 before Trunks took the disk or Dr. Hedo works very fast.

Beta 1 looks like a typical teenager from the front but has a strip of stiched-on flesh on the back of his neck. This screams “rookie mistake,” but Mai immediately noticed he was an android.

While Trunks was too busy looking at Mai and thought she was interested in Baytah. This chapter felt like a typical slice-of-life manga and was very enjoyable.

Beta 1 needs to work on his heroic skills.

Beta 1 was sent to infiltrate Trunks and Goten’s high school, and we’re treated to several great moments. The Alpha Series androids can’t recognize Trunks in his base form due to their rotting brains.

Dr. Hedo orders Beta 1 to prove Trunks has superpowers. But Trunks is one step ahead and manages to keep his skills hidden.

And that’s when Goten retrieves a baseball by picking up a truck. Goten tries to laugh it off, but Dr. Hedo orders Beta 1 to attack him.

Trunks pulls a classic, “need to go, please hold my bag,” and quickly helps Goten in his Saiyaman X1 costume. He gives Goten his watch, and soon Saiyaman X2 helps him fight Beta 1 and his jacket, Beta 2.

But the androids keep firing rockets in the direction of innocent students. And Mai is knocked over, and the disk lies exposed.

Mai grabs the disk and shoves it back into the bag, and Dr. Hedo orders Beta 1 to kidnap Mai. He does so, but Trunks quickly catches up and destroys the top half of Beta 2.

Beta 1 is left to fall, and Trunks catches Mai. When Mai looks up at him, she sees a vision of Future Trunks and says Trunks’ name.

But she didn’t figure out that Trunks is Saiyaman X1, despite figuring out that Baytah is Beta 1 in his costume. Beta 1 survives and returns to Dr. Hedo, who wants to begin work on the new androids immediately.

He loved the costumes Saiyaman X1 and X2 was wearing and wanted to add Saiyaman X2’s red cape to the designs. Will we meet the Gamma androids in the next chapter?

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