Franky’s top funniest moments in One Piece

The Strawhats perform Docking in Thriller Bark. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One Piece has more than a thousand named characters, and still, it’s Franky who comes to mind when you think of some of the funniest moments in One Piece.

Here are the top 6 funniest Franky moments in One Piece:

1. Leaving tire marks on a Yonko

Franky One Piece
Franky runs over Big Mom in Wano. Pic credit: Toei Animation

“The watch? I threw it out! I’m the wind!… Wings? I’ll spread them! I’m a bird!…I’ll flutter my wings and fly away! In the sky, on the wind!… I’m a free rider! Franky!”

Franky singing this song as he nonchalantly rams his motorcycle on a Yonko’s face in another Yonko’s territory is just so epic and so funny at the same time.

Not only does this scene deserve a rank on this list, but also the list of most disrespectful moments in One Piece!

Fun Fact: After running over Big Mom, Franky says, “Who cares? As long as I didn’t run over a flower.” This line was a reference to Franky’s song in Punk Hazard when he showed off Franky Tank to the kids there. In that song, he says, “Clear the way, clear the way, super the way! I’ll run over you if you stand in my way! But I avoid running over flowers!”

2. The Nightmare of Baldimore

Franky One Piece
Franky pushes the self-destruct button on Baldimore island. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Franky was sent to the country of Baldimore by Bartholomew Kuma. Vegapunk, the greatest scientist in the world, was born on Karakuri Island in the Future Country Baldimore.

When Franky was running around Vegapunk’s old lab here, he pushed the self-destruct button and blew up the whole lab. Even though he was explicitly warned not to do that, the reason he pushed the button was that there was a pirate symbol (skull and crossbones) on the button.

If you guys don’t remember, this is not the first time a Strawhat pirate has made this mistake. Last time Chopper also mistook the skull and crossbones as a pirate symbol. But Chopper was a kid back then; the fact that an adult, Franky, made the same mistake baffles me.

The only person I can think of who would be dumb enough to make this mistake is Luffy.

3. Franky’s personality is based on drinks

Gentleman Franky makes an appearance in One Piece. Pic credit: Toei Animation

During his fight with CP9 member Fukurou, Franky gets exhausted and looks for the cola to regain energy. His fight is interrupted by Kumadori and Chopper, who burst in through a wall. Chopper locks Kumadori in a fridge, but Franky also needs that fridge to find cola.

Chopper gives Franky vegetable juice, thinking he is just thirsty. And when Franky refills himself with it, he starts acting differently. Next, Chopper gives Franky tea, and his personality switches once again after refilling it. He somehow becomes a farmer!

Chopper also has the same look that the audience had when watching the episode, the “I wonder what happens with other drinks” look. But unfortunately, the plot needs to move forward, so we don’t get any more weird drinks.

But Oda did not forget about this gag, as during the time skip, we see Franky use Darjeeling Tea since cola wasn’t available. Which basically turned him into a gentleman, and he started behaving like a butler!

4. Franky vs Senor Pink

"Fraland" Franky
Franky kissing Kyuin in Dressrosa. Pic credit: Toei Animation

The fight between Franky and Senor Pink is the weirdest and the funniest fight of all time. Everything about this fight was absolute gold.

Oda gave a minor side character such an amazing backstory that even the main characters of some anime don’t have. Everyone watching the fight through their screens wishes they were as Hard Boiled as Franky and Senor Pink.

Even among all the antics this fight had, one moment that came out of nowhere was Franky kissing the factory manager — Kyuin. 

He just kissed Kyuin out of the blue, and the reasoning that was given by Senor pink for this move was that kissing a woman is the only way to close her lips if she is interfering in a fight between men. Absolutely HARDBOILED!

5. Robin gives a hand

Franky in pain
Robin grabs Franky’s family jewels. Pic credit: Toei Animation

Since Franky refused to leave Water 7 because of the Franky Family, the members of the family steal Franky’s pants! They hand it over to the Strawhats, and even after Luffy says that the only way to get it back is to join his crew, he refuses.

But Robin has a plan to make him join and what she did to Franky was something nobody expected, neither the characters nor the audience. She used her “Dos Fleur” to sprout his hands near Fanky’s crotch and used “Grab!”

Everybody present at that moment was praying for Franky as Robin literally had him by the balls! Franky is so lucky that Robin used “Grab” and not her usual “Clutch!”

6. Docking

The Strawhats perform Docking in Thriller Bark. Pic credit: Toei Animation

“The Docking” is one of the most iconic and funniest moments in all of One Piece.

During the fight against Oars in Thriller Bark, Franky decides to show Oars their united strength as a whole. He starts the docking with Zoro and Sanji as his Legs, Usopp as his right hand, and Chopper as his helmet. Unfortunately, Nico Robin refuses to dock on Franky’s left hand, so we never got to see the full version of Giant Robot Warrior: Big Emperor.

Fun Fact: This docking scene is a tribute to Dancouga, a popular mecha anime series where Franky’s VA plays the main character, Fujiwara Shinobu. The “yatte yaruze” line that Franky says while starting the docking process was also Fujiwara’s catchphrase.

Pervy grandmother Franky

Even Eiichiro Oda loves having fun with Franky because, according to him, Franky is a pervy grandmother! In an SBS question, a fan asked if the Straw Hats were a family, then what family member each one would be. At that time, Oda said Franky would be the Father.

But after Jimbei joined the crew, Oda gave the role of Father to him and relegated Franky to be the pervy granny.

I like Franky’s character so much because of how much fun he brings into the story. There are characters in One Piece that repeat their funny gags over and over, and after some time, they become annoying.

But Oda has given Franky so many different gags and tropes that it does not feel monotonous. The above list is only a small glimpse of the funniest Franky moments in One Piece.

You can check out the official One Piece manga on the Viz website. And you can watch the latest One Piece anime episodes every week on Crunchyroll.

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