Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 7 release date delayed by death of a staff member

Golden Kamuy Manga
The Golden Kamuy Season 4 anime has snipers, pirates, and bear men; oh my! Pic credit: Satoru Noda

The Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 7 release date has been delayed indefinitely. The remainder of the fourth season will not be released until at least 2023.

On November 7, @kamuy_anime announced on Twitter that a staff member had sadly passed away on November 1, 2022. The staff member’s name hasn’t been announced, most likely to give the family privacy during this time.

We of Anime Geek offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of this person. You’ll be missed, and the rest of the staff should take as much time as they need to process their loss.

Golden Kamuy 4 anime
The key visual for the Golden Kamuy Season 4 anime that was released on December 5, 2021, Pic credit: Studio Brain’s Base

What happens now?

For those of us relying on streaming services like Crunchyroll, there’s no word on when Golden Kamuy Season 4 Episode 7 will come out. However, TOKYO MX, Yomiuri TV, Hokkaido Broadcasting System, and BS11 will rerun the first six episodes of season 4.

An OAD (Original Animation DVD) of Ibarado’s Bouncer/Strange episode will air on November 14, 2022. However, a synopsis hasn’t been released yet.

But whatever it’s about will be a welcome sight. Waiting for new episodes to emerge is hard, but grief shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s show the staff how grateful we are for their efforts in bringing the anime into its fourth season. Share your favorite moments of the series.

What are you looking forward to seeing? And please send your well-wishes to the Golden Kamuy community.

Life is hard, but we can work through this. If anyone from the Golden Kamuy staff reads this, please take your time.

We’ll be here whenever you need us, and I’m sure episode 7, Fleeing Karafuto, will be wonderful.

What should you do in the meantime?

The Golden Kamuy manga is the best way to keep you occupied while waiting for the anime. But if you don’t like manga, you can always rewatch the first three seasons or watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Golden Kamuy screams JoJo, especially in the Japanese version. It’s hard to find a series similar to Golden Kamuy, which is a good thing.

There are many reasons to watch Golden Kamuy, but it will not be for everyone. And that’s fine.

The staff has done a fantastic job bringing the anime to life, and I applaud them. It takes courage to get some of the scenes together, and they pulled it off perfectly.

Thank you for bringing Golden Kamuy to new fans.

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