Hellhound manga announced by Project ARMS, Spriggan creator Ryouji Minagawa

New Hellhound manga by Project ARMS and Spriggan mangaka Ryouji Minagawa.
Fans of Ryouji Minagawa’s previous works such as Project ARMS and Spriggan have a new serialized work to get excited about! Pic credit: Ryouji Minagawa

Mangaka Ryouji Minagawa, known for his work on the manga ARMS and Spriggan, has a new serialized project — the Hellhound manga — starting on June 24th. Monthly Afternoon who publish series such as Vinland Saga and Blue Period will serialize the work. 

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This is coming one year after his last Gessan serialized manga, Kaiou Dante, which has yet to receive an English release. With much new stir around the upcoming Spriggan anime, hopeful fans just might be getting more Ryouji Minagawa works in the future — be it more anime based on his manga or even an international manga release. 

That said, Monthly Afternoon currently has no English simulpub available for many of its manga, and there’s no known timeline of when a translated version of Hellhound will become available.

Japanese readers can enjoy the first chapter of Hellhound on June 24, 2022. Given the many pins and cogs needed to get the translation pipeline moving, it may be faster to learn Japanese than to wait on international publication.  

What other projects has Ryouji Minagawa worked on before the Hellhound manga?

Other than his manga ARMS which was later adapted into the anime Project ARMS, Ryouji Minagawa is best known as the artist of the Spriggan manga which has an anime adaptation coming out on Netflix in Summer 2022!  

Minagawa’s manga debut began in the late 80s, and he’s been working tirelessly until today to release works such as D-Live!!, Peace Maker, and Ocean King Dante (Kaiou Dante). He also took part in the horror anthology manga Neo Kiseijuu (Neo Parasyte M) with his one-shot Perfect Soldier.    

In addition to manga, Ryouji Minagawa has worked on several video game projects including the Tekken series and Critical Blow providing character designs. Those lucky enough to have obtained the Metal Gear Solid Premium Package edition will have a copy of his FOXHOUND illustration in their collection.  

What’s currently known about the Hellhound manga plot?

Details about the manga’s story are currently limited. Aside from an illustration of what is presumably the protagonist, Shou, Monthly Afternoon is leaving fans to guess about what may be in store. The serialization announcement does give some hints, however, to what’s likely to be an eerie and action-packed manga.

A preview in Monthly Afternoon for the new serialization of the Hellhound manga as well as the continuation of Land of the Lustrous.
The Hellhound manga has been announced with a message that Land of the Lustrous will return to Monthly Afternoon. Pic credit: Ryouji Minagawa and Haruko Ichikawa.

Shou is forced to work as a mercenary to help his struggling family. And his duty leads to misfortune when he finds himself up against a demon on the battlefield. His days at war just may end up cut short. That is… unless Shou has a way to contend with the horrors at hand.

Known for gritty tales full of high-stakes fights and military conspiracies, Ryouji Minagawa’s latest work likely has plenty of suspense and action. It’s possible, too, that Minagawa’s latest work means to subvert expectations as well.

His previous projects, Peace Maker and Kaiou Dante, traded in a modern sci-fi setting for the American wild west and 18th century seafaring Europe, respectively.

As to where Hellhound will be set? Fans will have to wait until June 24th to find out!   

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